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CERA5™ contains ceramides derived from rice bran and rice germ that can be absorbed faster by the body for longer-lasting results. CERA5™ incorporates high-quality lychee seed extract in each capsule to enhance skin benefits for a more healthy, fair, and supple skin.
No. All the ingredients are derived from natural plant extract. However, you may consult a healthcare professional if you choose to for your peace of mind.

All hero+ anti-bacterial sprays are given a “best before” date stated on the packaging. However, to preserve its all-organic ingredients, it’s best to store in cool and dry places, avoiding direct sunlight. Unlike most hand sanitizers in the market, hero+ is non-flammable as it contains zero alcohol.

For optimum results, we strongly recommend taking 2 capsules before bedtime. If paired with AG-FACTOR™, take 2 capsules of PRAVENTAC™ and 2 capsules of AG-FACTOR™ together before bedtime. Optional: In case you forget to take your capsules before bed time, you may take them at any time of the day on the following day.
The lasting effect of CERA5™ varies from individual to individual, depending on one’s lifestyle and diet choices. The complete turnover of skin cells typically takes about 30 days but as we age, it can take up to 30-60 days. Therefore, we would suggest continuing the consumption to maintain healthy skin results.
Yes. SuperFIT™ is gluten-free.

You may pop the nozzle out and carefully fill in the liquid into the container using a syringe.

YES, PRAVENTAC™ is effective for facial as well as body acne as it works to eliminate acne-causing bacteria from within with 100% zero side effects.
Yes, CERA5™ is a natural food supplement that is 100% derived from plant-based ingredients and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.
Yes. SuperFIT™ is suitable for vegetarian/vegan.

First week: Take 2 capsules once daily before meal for best results. 

Second week onwards: Take 1 capsule once daily before meal for daily maintenance.

Intense Recharge: Take 2 capsules before meal in the morning and 2 capsules at night. 

You can consume VOFINA™ as usual during menses time.

By consuming PRAVENTAC™, you may successfully experience acne-free, clear skin provided that you maintain a healthy lifestyle such as adequate sleep, dietary control, and regular exercise. By practicing these habits combined with PRAVENTAC™, your skin will become healthier and the ability to heal from acne will be faster as well.
In such cases, any individual with a known or suspected medical condition should always consult his/her physician before taking any kind of supplement.
It is strongly recommended that you take the complete program. As each of the three boosters are uniquely formulated to help your body reduce and burn fat at different time of day, as well as enhancing different functions of your body to enable you to lose weight. Therefore, the three boosters work best when they are taken together, incorporated into a comprehensive and synergetic weight loss program.

VOFINA™ is formulated with 20 billion smarter Pro+Prebiotics; besides supporting vaginal flora, it also balances the gut microbiome and supports gut health.  

CERA5™ rice ceramides are very safe and free from side effects as it is made of 100% safe and natural ingredients.
No. SuperFIT™ will not decrease your muscle mass. Instead, it will help your body to reduce fat so that your body will appear even more toned and sculpted.

Yes, VOFINA™ is indeed Halal-certified.

Yes, CERA5™ is perfectly safe to consume on a long-term basis as it is a natural food supplement made of 100% natural ingredients, and will not burden the kidneys or liver.

Technically, SuperFIT™ does not raise the blood glucose level. However, it is advisable that you consult your doctor or dietician before begin taking SuperFIT™ under such condition.

VOFINA™ ingredients originated from the USA, regulated by the US FDA as food ingredients, and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility.

No. CERA5™ strengthens the integrity of your skin barrier, protecting you from external threats and locks in skin moisture. Furthermore, water retention is caused by weak kidneys, not the amount of water you drink before sleeping.
Simple, just follow your mealtime. Take the Morning Booster after you wake up, Evening Booster before you go to sleep, and Noon Booster in between the two.

We suggest reducing sugar, processed food, fast food, and coffee intake as these can disrupt the ecosystem of beneficial bacteria living in the vagina. At the same time, drink plenty of water and maintain a healthful diet by increasing food intake such as fresh vegetables and whole grains as they are considered as prebiotic that can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the vagina.

Yes, it is the most loved combination. Our customers love to pair both CERA5™ and AG-FACTOR™ together for hydration and skin-brightening results. Just take 2 capsules of CERA5™ in the morning and 2 capsules of AG-FACTOR™ at night, daily. Best to consume 3-6 months for a plump and radiant skin complexion from head to toe.

Although probiotics supplements are generally considered safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking VOFINA™ or any kind of supplements. 

Pregnancy and early motherhood are incredibly personalized and may have specific requirements or a need for special caution. 

CERA5™ and AG-FACTOR™ have different benefits, although they both have anti-aging effects. AG-FACTOR™ mainly beautifies the skin for a healthier and brighter skin tone. On the other hand, CERA5™ locks in skin moisture by strengthening the skin barrier for a smoother, more supple, and pinkish complexion. CERA5™ also treats excessively oily skin due to skin dehydration.
No, you will not have diarrhea after taking SuperFIT™ because SuperFIT™ does not contain any form of laxatives. Instead, it promotes healthy intestinal environment to encourage natural bowel movements.

Yes, it is perfectly fine for those who plan to conceive, and rest assured there will not be any side effects. 

Simultaneously, those who are having family planning are encouraged to consume prebiotics and probiotics supplements because beneficial bacteria help maintain a balanced vaginal microbiome, protecting the body from vaginal infection, improving fertility and pregnancy. Hence, supplementation of probiotics supplement can help to prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy.  

Although CERA5™ is made of 100% safe and natural ingredients, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking supplements of any kind.
We strongly recommend that you maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise regimen, as they will certainly help you to achieve even faster and better weight loss results.

Females starting with aged 12 and above can safely consume VOFINA™.

There is no harm to combine the use of topical beauty care with CERA5™. Both can be synergistic. But it’s important to opt for lotion or moisturizer that’s made of natural ingredients and free of harmful ingredients that will not damage our skin and cause harm to health. To complement CERA5™, please take a look at ORIQUE skincare products (
Like most powdered health supplements, you should only mix SuperFIT™ with cold or warm(not hot) liquids, as high temperature may damage the naturally occurring beneficial components in the formula.

Yes, VOFINA™ is safe for long-term consumption as probiotics are live bacteria that already exist in our bodies. It is also highly recommended by gynecologists.

Besides providing your skin the ultimate hydration, CERA5™ can also help to fight visible signs of aging, promote pinkish skin complexion, and reduce skin sensitivity. Hydration from the inside out also has additional health benefits to help keep your general health and bodily functions at peak performance levels.
The recommended methods of consumption would be to take SuperFIT™ on its own by simply popping the booster mix directly into the mouth, or pour it into a glass of cold or lukewarm water, and stir well before drinking.

VOFINA™ is a natural food supplement that is 100% safe for consumption. The key ingredients are regulated by the US FDA as food ingredients and manufactured in a GMP-approved facility.

CERA5™’s key ingredients are from Japan & the United States and approved by the US FDA and classified as GRAS (a food product) and is manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility in Malaysia.
This might occur during the first few days, but will quickly be resolved as the body will soon adapt to the newly enhanced metabolism.

Yes, you may consume VOFINA™ together with other supplements, vitamins, or medications. This is because VOFINA™ is a natural food product that will not cause any harm or conflict to your body. However, if you are undergoing any treatment or medication under a doctor’s prescription, it is advisable to seek a doctor’s advice before consuming any supplement.

Both females and males from age 11-65 are suitable to consume CERA5™, including people with hypersensitive skin, eczema, and psoriasis.
No. SuperFIT-F™ will not lead to electrolyte imbalance as the key ingredient Cacti-Nea™ is extracted from 100% natural sources.

Yes, it is perfectly fine to consume VOFINA™ during menstruation. In fact, VOFINA™ can help balance hormones and relieve discomfort during menstruation due to an imbalance in the vagina.

CERA5™ has been in the market since 2014.
GOS in SuperFIT™ helps to enhance the body’s detoxification process by promoting healthy bowel movements, as it encourages good bacteria and inhibit bad bacteria in the digestive system, preventing constipation as well as diarrhea.

Even though VOFINA™ contains Colostrum (bovine), it is still generally safe for lactose-intolerant. Colostrum is naturally low in lactose; 1 gram of colostrum has approximately 60mg (0.06g) lactose. It is unlikely to cause digestive upset and may even help support healthy digestion and build stronger gut health over time.

Yes, CERA5™ is safe for people with these existing conditions.

Yes, you can consume VOFINA™ during menopause, and in fact, it is highly recommended. 

There are 3 stages of transition during menopause: perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause. Throughout these stages, the healthy microbes living on vaginal tissue dwindle. VOFINA™ helps restore the inner ecosystem by preventing harmful bacteria from sticking to vaginal tissue, modulating the immune system, and reducing inflammation. Besides that, restoring vaginal health allows the vagina to produce natural moisture and lubrication. 

Take 2 capsules of CERA5™ per day in the morning, ideally with an empty stomach for maximum absorption.

Each capsule of VOFINA™ contains 20 billion Proprietary Probiotic Blend (Living Organisms CFU), 100mg of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, and 30mg of Prebiotic Fructooligosaccharides. 

The amount of protection provided by CERA5™ is adequate for general day-to-day indoor activities. However, if you’re planning to be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, then you will still need to apply sunblock for extra protection. We would recommend UltraShield ( for protection against sunlight and environmental damages that are not covered by traditional sunscreens.

MONIVITA™ is a powerful health tonic packed with 16 types of superfoods and superfruits. It is rich in essential vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, fibers, enzymes, and has extremely high antioxidant value to enhance the immune system and improve liver health. MONIVITA™ also contains skin-beautifying antioxidants to increase collagen production, promoting skin moisture and firmness.

VOFINA™ is a probiotic + prebiotic formulation that supports your feminine health and improves gut flora and digestive health. In addition to gut health benefits, probiotics can improve overall skin condition because the imbalance of skin bacteria and inflammation can directly contribute to acne growth. When your gut is happy, your skin is happy! After all, clear, beautiful skin results from a healthy body from within. Read more on how gut health can affect your skin condition here: 

Under general condition yes, but not with overexposure to sunlight.

Some with vaginal infections may not have symptoms. If you have symptoms, you may notice abnormal discharge, odor, pain, itching, or burning in the vagina. Some may have a strong fish-like smell, especially after sex. You may also experience dysuria, and itching around the outside of the vagina, or both. 

Find out more to determine if your discharge is in a healthy state here:

Yes, CERA5™ works well for perimenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal individuals.

MONIVITA™ is manufactured and packed in a GMP certified facility in Taiwan after years of extensive research by qualified scientists and nutrition specialists. Its 16 superfoods are sourced worldwide, namely from Japan, the United States, Europe, and more.

Infection is mainly caused by the overgrowth of yeast or bacteria in your vagina. A healthy vagina should be in the acidic range of 3.8 to 4.5. When your pH level is over 4.5, you have a high risk for these infections: Bacterial vaginosis (BV), Yeast Infection, and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). 

VOFINA™ helps to restore good bacteria and maintain your vagina’s pH environment in the acidic range. A pH level within this range can help to keep bacterial and vaginal infections at bay. We recommend customers with vaginal infection to consume 2-3 times a day for the best results, 2 capsules each time before meals.  

Yes, CERA5™ is safe for prepubescent children as well.

Vaginal infections have a common set of symptoms, such as 

- unusual discharge
- fishy odor 
- vaginal itching
- swelling around the vagina
- burning during urination or sex

Even if you consume tons of fruits every day, it would be difficult for you to obtain the same benefits that you can get from MONIVITA™. One shot of MONIVITA™ is extracted from 16 premium superfoods through advanced intracellular extraction technology, making it by far the health drink with the highest antioxidant content and ORAC value (a lab test that measures the “total antioxidant capacity” from various nutrients), up to 46,650 per bottle. 

Recent research has shown that most working adults and children are usually deficient in certain vitamins & minerals due to poor dietary habits (mainly processed food intake with less fiber intake) and modern lifestyle (stress, lack of sleep, and exercise). With MONIVITA™, you can rest assured that most of your daily nutritional needs are sufficiently met.

Filled with premium Synbiotics (pro+prebiotics), and Vitamin C, MOIIVA™ works to improve both digestive and immune health by balancing the gut microflora, which promotes smoother bowel movement, prevents bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and strengthens the immune system. It also contains the eye vitamin, Lutein, which protects eye tissues from harmful blue light. Each naturally-powered sachet also comes with a tangy orange flavor that is suitable for both kids and adults.

Many women with BV do not have symptoms. If you do have symptoms, you may notice a thin white or gray vaginal discharge, odor, pain, itching, or burning in the vagina. Some women have a strong fish-like odor, especially after sex. You may also have burning when urinating; itching around the outside of the vagina, or both.

Each sachet combines 5 clinically-proven probiotic strains chosen for their notable performance in improving the intestinal environment, digestive health, and immune system. (Lactobacillus Acidophilus La-14, Lactobacillus Salivarius Ls-33, Bifidobacteria Longum BB536, Bifidobacteria Lactis BI-04, and ç Bb-02).

Researchers have had difficulty determining exactly what causes bacterial vaginosis. At present, it seems to be that a combination of multiple bacteria must be present together for the problem to develop. Bacterial vaginosis typically features a reduction in the number of the normal hydrogen peroxide-producing lactobacilli in the vagina.

Each delicious, pure, and rejuvenating drop of MONIVITA™ tastes berry-licious with its natural and highest concentration of superfoods and superfruits. 

Most probiotics in yogurt and fermented food only contain a few strains of live bacteria and they almost never make it to the stomach. In fact, almost 99.9% of them are killed by stomach acid. Not only that, most yogurts do not have a therapeutic CFU (the measure of viable bacteria), meaning that it contains far less probiotics compared to any advanced probiotic supplement with a minimum average of at least 1 billion CFUs.

Chlamydia is a sexually-transmitted disease, while BV is not. Chlamydia can cause serious, permanent damage to a woman’s reproductive system, making it difficult or impossible for her to get pregnant later on. Chlamydia can also cause a potentially fatal ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy that occurs outside the womb). Chlamydia trachomatis, or simply chlamydia, is a bacterial infection caused by pathogens (germ). Chlamydia trachomatis can infect the genitals of both men and women and other parts of the body such as the throat, rectum, and eyes. Chlamydia is one of the most common STD's, and because more than 50% of chlamydia sufferers have no symptoms at all, chlamydia infection usually goes untreated

Probiotics help to maintain a natural balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut by neutralizing harmful bacteria for optimal intestinal flora as well as supporting the digestive and immune system. Prebiotics, on the other hand, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the lower part of the gut and further enhance the absorption of calcium and protein in the body. 

The synergic combination named Synbiotics works hand in hand to create a healthy gut ecosystem with the right pH level whereby the probiotics are able to feed on the prebiotics and repopulate. This strengthens the intestinal barrier function and prevents bacterial infections.


A health care provider will look at your vagina for signs of BV and perform laboratory tests on a sample of vaginal fluid to determine if BV is present.

Yes, rest assured that MONIVITA™ is made 100% natural with zero added sugar, zero preservatives, zero colourings, and also is free of GMO, alcohol, hormones, and artificials. 

Probiotic supplements can differ in the type and amount of strains used, typically measured in colony-forming units (CFU). However, probiotics with higher CFUs doesn’t mean to have better strains. This is because different probiotic strains target different kinds of health benefits. For overall digestive and immune health, it is best to look for Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, the two most-benefiting probiotic genus. 

After many years of expert research, we’ve created a proprietary blend in MOIIVA™ with 5 clinically-studied probiotic strains. Each strain is chosen for its notable performance in improving the intestinal environment, digestive health, and immune system.

All things considered, for a probiotic supplement to be effective, it still goes back to its ability to reach and multiply effectively in where it is needed (the gut) to reap its full benefits. The Activator Hybrid Culture (AHC™) Technology in MOIIVA™ is what sets apart from other supplements, as it protects the biological integrity of probiotics, ensuring that every pure-strain is preserved until the successful delivery into the gastrointestinal tract.

BV can sometimes go away without treatment. But if you have symptoms of BV you should be checked and treated.

The recommended daily probiotic intake is 1 to 10 Billion CFUs. Consistent daily consumption of probiotics has been clinically proven to maintain the good bacteria in your gut to promote better immune and digestive health. The key to reap the health benefits of probiotics is to take them consistently because once you stop taking them, your gut bacteria are likely to return to their pre-supplementation condition within one to three weeks. 

BV can cause some serious health risks, including: - Increasing your chance of getting HIV if you have sex with someone who is infected with HIV - If you are HIV positive, increasing your chance of passing HIV to your sex partner - Your baby might be delivered early if you have BV while pregnant - Increasing your chance of getting other STDs, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. These bacteria can sometimes cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which can make it difficult or impossible for you to have children

You will start noticing improvements in your general wellness within just a few days after consuming MONIVITA™. The natural goodness of MONIVITA™ will nourish and recondition your body resulting in better liver and immune health. Besides improved overall health, you will also notice your skin complexion becoming firmer and more moisturized. The results may differ for each individual as everyone has a different body absorption rate and we recommend to consume MONIVITA™ consistently for at least 3-6 months to get the best results! 

Research has shown that the combination of probiotics and Vitamin C helps reduce the risk of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTIs) that are commonly found in children. Since about 80% of the immune cells are in the gut, probiotics help replenish good gut bacteria while Vitamin C promotes the production of immune cells. With this, both probiotics and Vitamin C help strengthen the immune system, through either innate or adaptive processes.

Pregnant women can get BV. Pregnant women with BV are more likely to have babies who are born premature (early) or with low birth weight than women who do not have BV while pregnant. Low birth weight means having a baby that weighs less than 5.5 pounds at birth.

This particular vitamin plays vital roles in many parts of the body and children’s health development which includes: the growth and repair of tissues, wound healing, maintenance of bones and teeth, iron absorption, and the production of Collagen. It also helps with the regeneration of other antioxidants within the body, including Vitamin E.

Other than its immune-strengthening properties, Vitamin C has also been found to lower the risk of heart disease, including high blood pressure and bad cholesterol (LDL). 

Many doctor-prescribed medications such as antibiotics and anti-fungal medications are not very effective for vaginal problems. Additionally, most bacteria and yeasts are resistant to the medications due to excessive use of antibiotics. Studies have proven that probiotics are an effective way of fighting bacterial infections in the vagina.

Rest assured that you do not need to worry about the calorie intake. Each bottle of MONIVITA™ (50ml) only contains 35 kcal and is less than half of what you may find in typical energy drinks. Plus, the recommended serving size is around 25 - 50ml for each serving, so it is far below the daily recommended calorie intake per average person.

Lutein is one of two major carotenoids highly found in leafy greens and is known for its eye-protecting benefits. With its powerful antioxidant properties, Lutein helps reduce inflammation in the eyes, and function as a shield against free radical damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays and harmful blue light which comes from long exposure of your electronic screens. 

Although both adults and children should take note of increased screen time, children are particularly more vulnerable to the harmful effects of blue light as they have decreased lens density as compared to adults. Such exposure may impair children’s visual health and contribute to symptoms like poor vision, dry eyes, eye fatigue, and eye strain even from a young age.

That is why supplementation with Lutein at every age, including childhood, is of utmost importance as Lutein filters this harmful blue light, ensuring optimal eye health naturally.

Side effects from probiotics are generally minimal, usually just excessive gas and bloating. You can simply discontinue using LaFemina for a week to let the symptoms go away then restart it at a lower dose.

With more time spent staring at screens, both kids and adults may experience symptoms like poor vision, dry eyes or eye strain. Since our bodies cannot produce Lutein naturally, taking Lutein supplements help protect eye tissues in the macula, which maintains the sharpness of your vision and promotes healthier eyesight.

Yes, you can certainly use a variety of probiotics together. Just make sure that you do not take too many as it may lead to gas or bloating.

MONIVITA™ does not contain any processed or artificial sugar and its sweetness naturally comes from fructose (fruit sugar) and stevia. Stevia is a naturally-derived, low-calorie sweetener that does not affect your blood sugar levels and at the same time, provides a richer, more enjoyable taste of MONIVITA™.

Other than being well-regarded for improving eye health, many studies have linked a Lutein-rich brain to various enhanced cognitive functions including fluency, executive function, complex attention, visual memory, and recall, essential for children’s development. 

This is because our eyes and brain are interconnected, and Lutein helps to neutralize free radicals in the retina before it reaches the brain. Research has also shown that Lutein also increases blood flow to parts of the brain essential for memory and cognition. 

Based on a research, it was found that children who consumed more Lutein-rich foods demonstrated improved academic performance, including better scores in math and written language.

Yes, PRAVENTAC™ is halal and Kosher certified.

Our findings say that you will start to notice changes in as little as 48 hours. The bacteria will start working to clean your privates, eliminating the smell and discharge. At 1 week, your vagina should smell perfectly normal and the discomforts from itching, and irritations will disappear..

Results may differ for each individual as everyone has a different body absorption rate. Nevertheless, you should start experiencing improvements in your digestion, appetite as well as less frequency of diarrhea and constipation issues if taken daily. This is because probiotics do not stay in the gut lining forever, and by taking MOIIVA™ regularly, it helps ensure an adequate level of good bacteria.  

We always recommend to consume MOIIVA™ consistently for at least 3-6 months for the best results.

PRAVENTAC™ various ingredients are from Europe, the US, and Japan and are packed in a GMP-approved facility in Malaysia.
We would recommend using probiotics only after your antibiotics and treatments are complete. Probiotics are quite safe to use, but your treatments and medicines may reduce their effectiveness. As always, you should consult your doctor before starting any new treatments.

Phytonutrients are natural compounds found in plants that protect against environmental aggressors such as UV radiation, toxins, and pollution. Because of the current modern lifestyle, we become more exposed to the environmental aggressors mentioned above, that is why it is important that we consume enough phytonutrients for maximum protection. MONIVITA™ is rich in phytonutrients derived from 16 superfoods to help provide the body sufficient amounts of nutrients since the human body is unable to self-produce phytonutrients.

Each pure natural sachet of MOIIVA™ has a tangy orange taste to it as it contains orange juice powder. Rest assured it does not contain any added sugar, artificial flavorings, and colouring. However, the product color, taste, and texture may vary between batches and change over time due to the presence of its natural ingredients but rest assured that this does not affect the potency of the product. 

For best results, we would recommend having enough rest (sleep), drinking more water, and maintaining a healthy diet by avoiding spicy, oily, fried food and dairy products such as skimmed milk. It is also important to consider managing your stress as it can take a toll on your skin. Stress can trigger the release of cortisol hormones which eventually lead to an increase in skin’s oil production, causing more breakouts.
Simply store the bottle of probiotics in a cool, dry environment. The bacteria will last much longer if they are not exposed to heat and humidity.

Yes definitely, as MOIIVA™ contains natural ingredients that are suitable for the whole family, including adults and children aged 3 and above.

Each sachet is:
• Suitable for Vegetarian • Gluten-Free • Non-GMO • Sodium-Free • Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility 

PRAVENTAC™ has been found to work synergistically with AG-FACTOR™. PRAVENTAC™ works to clear acne and heal damaged skin cells while AG-FACTOR™ helps to lighten acne scars and to reduce inflammation.

Antioxidants are natural compounds that help fight free radicals, which are linked to many health risks and diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Environmental aggressors, insufficient nutrition, and unhealthy lifestyles tend to increase free radicals which eventually lead to “oxidative stress”, the culprit of most diseases and aging. 

Although most greens and fruits from our diet contain antioxidants, they are hardly enough. Hence, it’s important to supplement MONIVITA™ to get the daily dose of antioxidants to fight off free radicals and various diseases. 

Although MOIIVA™ is generally safe, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking supplements of any kind. Nevertheless, MOIIVA™ is safe for those who are planning to conceive.

Although PRAVENTAC™ is made of 100% safe and natural ingredients, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking supplements of any kind.

Just like any new supplements or products, some may experience temporary changes in the body, and this change varies for every individual.

With the increased consumption of pro+prebiotics, some may experience mild bloating, gas, and changes in the stool, but rest assured that this is a normal occurrence. Generally, any symptoms will subside within a couple of days as your body will attune to the pro+prebiotics in MOIIVA™. 

Nevertheless, rest assured that MOIIVA™ is a food supplement that is made natural and will not cause any side effects or burden to the kidney and liver.

Yes, it is perfectly fine for those who are planning to conceive and rest assured there will not be any side effects. However, it is advisable that you should consult your personal physician before taking supplements of any kind.

Yes, MONIVITA™ is loaded with powerful antioxidant-rich superfoods that can help with different health conditions including weak immune system, high blood sugar, fatty liver, high cholesterol, and more by providing full-body protection against most diseases. 

Although MOIIVA™ is generally safe to consume, research has found that children and adults with severe illness or compromised immune systems should avoid taking probiotics. These include those who have a risk of blood infection (bacteremia), sepsis, endocarditis, cancer patients on chemography, HIV, transplant, prolonged hospitalization or recent surgeries, severe malnutrition, or incompetent gut barriers such as severe diarrhea and NEC.

PRAVENTAC™ is especially effective in treating problematic skin including acne, pimples, blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, and excess skin oiliness. AG-FACTOR™ on the other hand is for skin-brightening as well as to enhance the immune system and detoxification of blood in the liver. This is especially important as clean blood results in beautiful skin. So while PRAVENTAC™ works to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and accelerate the healing of acne scars; AG-FACTOR™ enhances results by strengthening the liver and providing anti-oxidative support of Glutathione inside the cells itself. This enables the functioning of healthy cells that accounts for the glow seen in the complexion of people who consume AG-FACTOR™.

The recommended serving is 1-2 sachets daily after meals. Consume the sachets directly and do not take with hot foods and beverages as this will reduce the potency of probiotics.

MONIVITA™ contains 16 superfoods which include Annona Muricata, Noni Fruit, Snow Fungus, Goji, Artichoke, Pomegranate, Broccoli Sprout, Maitake Mushroom, Elderberry, Acerola, Grape, Apple, Black Currant, Cranberry, Citrus Fruit, and Mix Berries.

Yes, you can increase the dosage up to 2 sachets when needed. For general health or maintenance, take one sachet daily. If you require a health boost or have just finished a course of antibiotics, you can take 2 sachets daily to replenish the healthy gut bacteria lost through the antibiotic course. For those traveling frequently, it is encouraged to increase the dosage before and during any travels to prevent temporary digestive or immune stress.

Hormonal acne is generally caused by hormonal imbalance. The best way to treat this type of acne is to combine PRAVENTAC™ with AG-FACTOR™. PRAVENTAC™ clears acne by addressing the root cause while AG-FACTOR™ is able to reduce the negative effects of cortisol on the skin via the endogenous production of Glutathione.

Absolutely, it is generally safe to take MOIIVA™ with other supplements and probiotic strains. Nevertheless, as each probiotic strains work differently, it is not necessary to retake those that provide similar benefits as MOIIVA™.

Results are dose and time-dependent. Most people experienced discernible results from 2-4 weeks onwards. For those who are highly attuned to their health and body, they reported immediate benefits but usually, for the skin to improve, it takes 3-6 months (the turnover of skin cells is 30 days and so it is reasonable for improvements to occur steadily). Therefore, it is advisable to take PRAVENTAC™ consistently for 3-6 months for best results.

Different superfoods and superfruits contain different sources of nutrients, so it is important to ensure that there’s a sufficient range of each to get varied nutrition. Each of the ingredients of MONIVITA™ is carefully selected from a scientifically validated array of the most nutrient-rich food to ensure maximum health and beauty benefits while allowing your body’s optimum absorption. 

Absolutely. In fact, studies have shown that taking a probiotic supplement during or following an antibiotic course can help keep the beneficial bacteria in the gut while reducing the side effects and digestive problems associated with antibiotics. We suggest to consume MOIIVA™ two hours before or after antibiotics.

Acne is a skin condition that changes from time to time as your body and skin are also constantly changing. PRAVENTAC™ will definitely help in the journey of achieving acne-free skin as our clinical trials have shown a significant reduction in acne by treating it from within the body, revealing a healthier complexion. Click here ( to discover more testimonials.

There is no harm when you stop consuming but daily intake for long-term is encouraged. This is because the healthy gut bacteria replenished by MOIIVA™ may possibly revert to a pre-supplementation state within 1-3 weeks. With the modern lifestyle of poor diet, stress, and use of medication, these factors can offset the healthy balance of the gut. That is why the continuous intake is important, and we suggest consuming for several months or more.

Both males and females starting from age 11 and above can safely consume PRAVENTAC™.

MONIVITA™ contains the highest ORAC score (a lab test that measures the “total antioxidant capacity” from various nutrients) compared to other antioxidant health drinks in the market. It also works beyond its antioxidants benefits, containing not only superfruits but also superfoods that have been proven to contain the most nutritious values to help boost our overall health, such as Maitake Mushrooms and Snow Fungus. The fusion of these premium ingredients was meticulously selected and prepared using the latest extraction technology to procure all the health-enhancing nutrients before being sealed for freshness. 

You may store MOIIVA™ in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. As each sachet is protected by the patented AHC™ technology, MOIIVA™ has a stable shelf-life over a long period of time so no refrigeration is required. It is also specially packaged and protected in a sealed foil packaging to prevent moisture, light, heat, and air from entering, which further increases its stability.

Less than 3% of our customers experienced signs of breakouts after taking PRAVENTAC™. From the testimonials of past users, this appears to be a temporal effect that may be due to the results of detoxification. Eventually, depending on individuals, most will enjoy improved skin health where acne becomes noticeably lesser. However, it is also important to pay attention to your diet and lifestyle to see better results when paired with PRAVENTAC™.

MOIIVA™ contains a minute amount of milk protein (casein) and lactose (0.17g per serving) as milk is used to culture the probiotic strains. Hence, it may not be suitable for those who are vegan, but are generally suitable for lacto-vegetarian and lacto-ovo-vegetarian.

MOIIVA™ is also suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance as most of the lactose had been digested by probiotics during the production. Unless you have severe milk protein allergies, MOIIVA™ should not cause any issues.

No, PRAVENTAC™ won’t burden the kidney and liver because it is not a medicine. PRAVENTAC™ consists of very fine molecule that can be directly absorbed by the body.

Yes, MONIVITA™ is generally safe for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding as it is a 100% natural plant-based nutritive drink. However, you may consult your primary health care professional before consuming any health drink if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

The premium ingredients in MOIIVA™ are sourced worldwide, namely Belgium, China, Thailand, and Malaysia, before being manufactured and packed in a GMP-certified facility. 

Yes, PRAVENTAC™ is definitely safe for long-term consumption as it is made of 100% natural ingredients that will not cause any side effects or burden to the kidney or liver. We also do advise customers to take consistently for 3-6 months for best results. Although most of our customers get satisfying results after 2-4 months of consumption, they continue to take PRAVENTAC™ to enhance their complexion as well as reaping all the other extra benefits that it brings.
Yes, it is perfectly safe to keep using your preferred skincare products while taking PRAVENTAC™. Make sure to avoid products with high chemical content and harsh ingredients that might actually further aggravate blemishes and worsen the problem. We always recommend customers to complement with the complete topical acne solution - Minus Mini Kit-3 ( that contains 3 solutions to treat different skincare needs (acne, whiteheads, blackheads, dryness, acne scars). It is also important to use a good sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that might worsen acne condition. Containing premium active ingredients, UltraShield™ ( is a daily defense sunscreen that offers complete protection against UVB, UVA, visible light and environmental damage that are not covered by a traditional sunscreen.

Yes, MONIVITA™ is made from superfoods high in fiber and antioxidants, known to promote better digestive health and relieve constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and more. It also helps with the body's natural detoxification process as well.

You may store it in cool and dry places at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. But once you’ve opened it, kindly remember to keep it refrigerated and the cap tightly fastened at all times.

MONIVITA™ is a nutritious and berry-licious health drink that can be enjoyed daily. The recommended consumption would be 25-50 ml, to be taken daily or on alternative days. For children below the age of 12, we would suggest 25 ml per day in the morning. For those with extra nutrition needs (the elderly or recovering patients) you may custom the dosage and frequency based on individual needs. You may drink MONIVITA™ as it is or add it to your cereal, oats, or any other fun ways to enjoy it even more!

It’s perfectly fine to drink it before, during or after meals, as long as you are properly hydrated while drinking it. This is because many vitamins and minerals are water soluble, so being well-hydrated while taking MONIVITA™ will maximise the benefits.

MONIVITA™ contains all-natural superfoods and superfruits with health-boosting properties that are safe and suitable for every gender and age (though not recommended for very young children with age 5 and below), as long as one does not have allergies to any of the ingredients. 

MONIVITA™ has been carefully formulated with natural ingredients that would not cause any interaction effect with most medicines or supplements. However, as with any other supplements, you may consult your primary health care professional if you have any underlying health conditions and we would recommend at least 2-3 hours gap between taking your medications and MONIVITA™ to ensure the effectiveness of both.

MONIVITA™ is a plant and fruit-based nutritive drink that is suitable for vegetarians and is most definitely Halal-certified. 

Manufacturing dates and contact details are presented on our product packaging to prove the authenticity of the product. However, flawed fonts, logos, absence of contact and poor quality of product would be identified as counterfeits that are not manufactured by us.

Antibiotics and antifungal medications prescribed by doctors can help manage the symptoms and give instant relief by killing harmful microbes.

However, medication may not resolve the underlying condition because symptoms may reappear after a few months. Antibiotics eliminate all bacteria, including the beneficial ones that are crucial for supporting the vaginal microflora. Hence, a lack of beneficial bacteria messes up the balance of the vaginal's pH level.

Numerous studies have proven that probiotics are an effective way of fighting vaginal infections.

Yes, you can undoubtedly consume VOFINA™ with other probiotic supplements. However, please take note that you should consume at different timing to avoid gas or bloating. 

Results are dose-dependent. Most people experienced improvements from 2-4 weeks onwards. Those who are highly attuned to their health and body reported immediate benefits such as reduced discharge and itching. To see optimal results in general vaginal and gut health, we recommend consistent consumption of VOFINA™ for 3-6 months.

Feelings of stress and anxiousness can get in the way of daily living and not to mention, it can affect our mental health too. This is why we’ve created Eucalyptus essential roller to help invite that much-needed relaxation into our everyday lives.

From providing relief for congestion, fighting mental fatigue, promoting feelings of calmness and positivity, it also helps to nourish the skin with its hydrating properties.

The Eucalyptus essential roller is made up of 4 main essential oils which are Eucalyptus, Geranium, Sweet Orange, with Jojoba as the carrier oil.

Essential oils are naturally potent and may cause irritation when applied directly to the skin. This is why carrier oils are added to dilute the essential oils without diminishing its properties, ensuring the roller is safe and comfortable when applied topically.

Store VOFINA™ in a cool, dry environment. Also, avoid direct sunlight, and there’s no refrigeration required.  

With a warm and earthy tone, one whiff has the calming scent of fresh Eucalyptus, woody Geranium, and a hint of citrusy aroma from Sweet Orange.

Formulated with your safety in mind, the ingredients used in the Eucalyptus essential roller are guaranteed all-natural with 100% pure essential oils, free of fillers, synthetic fragrances, and artificial components like pesticides, dyes, and chemicals. It’s also analytically tested to ensure product safety and quality standards with the Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Yes, the essential oil blend in the roller is safely diluted with a carrier oil (Jojoba) and can be applied directly to your desired areas like your pulse points for therapeutic benefits.

As the Eucalyptus essential roller is safely diluted and ready to use, you can apply it once daily or multiple times a day on your desired areas like temples, wrists, sternum, and nape of the neck.

Although certain essential oils such as Sweet Orange can help provide emotional support and comfort during pregnancy, we do not recommend using essential oils in the first trimester of pregnancy or those with difficult and unstable pregnancies. Always consult your healthcare professional before using essential oils if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Absolutely! We have included the carrier oil, Jojoba, in the roller as an effective natural moisturizer to protect every delicate skin, especially the dry and sensitive ones. Thus, making it an ideal choice for people with eczema, psoriasis, and even acne.

Yes, there are numerous clinical studies on Lactobacillus probiotic strains for vaginal health. Lactobacillus species are predominant in the healthy vaginal ecosystem. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Lactobacillus Acidophilus have shown to reduce vaginal pathogen through several mechanisms such as the production of lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and bacteriocin that inhibits the growth of pathogens causing bacterial vaginosis (BV) and other infections. 

1. Bertuccini L, Russo R, Iosi F, Superti F. Effects of Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus acidophilus on bacterial vaginal pathogens. Int J Immunopathol Pharmacol. 2017;30(2):163-167. doi:10.1177/0394632017697987

2. Homayouni A, Bastani P, Ziyadi S, et al. Effects of probiotics on the recurrence of bacterial vaginosis: a review. J Low Genit Tract Dis. 2014;18(1):79-86. doi:10.1097/LGT.0b013e31829156ec

3. Hanson L, VandeVusse L, Jermé M, Abad CL, Safdar N. Probiotics for Treatment and Prevention of Urogenital Infections in Women: A Systematic Review. J Midwifery Womens Health. 2016;61(3):339-355. doi:10.1111/jmwh.12472

As babies are more susceptible to adverse skin reactions and breathing problems, essential oils should not be used on or around babies under 3 months old.

Most rollers sold in the market are formulated with aroma-grade or fragrance-grade oils and while they do smell good, they usually have little or no therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Most of them may also contain additives, fillers, and synthetics to increase the fragrance power.

Whereas our Eucalyptus essential roller contains only 100% pure essential oil for mind-calming, soothing, and revitalizing effects. It’s also safely diluted to reduce the possibility of skin irritation or sensitivity upon application.

CelloFIT™ is a powerful supplement that will help you get rid of excess visceral fat around the organs and abdomen through the combined action of scientifically proven fat-neutralizing ingredients. In addition to burning and eliminating existing visceral fat, CelloFIT™ will stop fat from accumulating again in your adipocytes (fat cells) by converting harmful white adipose tissue (WAT) to brown adipose tissue (BAT). (  But that’s not all, CelloFIT™ will bring down your lipid score (cholesterols & triglycerides), reduce inflammation, improves your overall blood-sugar reading, and improve the frequency of your bowel movement. Summary of other benefits: Lowers LDL-cholesterol 
Improve Liver function 
Improve bile production from Liver
Lower blood pressure
Contribute to a healthier microbiome
Improve mood (happiness) 
Adjust weights to healthier levels.

All Eucalyptus essential rollers are given a “best before” date stated on the packaging. However, to preserve its pure essential oil ingredients, it’s best to seal the cap tightly and store it in a cool, dry place, and avoid exposure to sunlight or excessive heat.

With CelloFIT™, you can enjoy fat loss and reduced metabolic risks while still indulging in your favorite food by moderation, as the scientifically-proven ingredients in CelloFIT™ work wonders in burning fats via cold thermogenesis and AMPK pathway. However, for maximum results and health benefits, you are advised to incorporate CelloFIT™ with a changed diet relative to your energy expenditure, based on individual recommended nutrient needs as well as a modification in your lifestyle habits such as getting enough sleep and exercises. As examples, people with the profile below: Foodie - they enjoy eating but do not want to be saddled with the bill for their indulgence. With CelloFIT™, they can continue to indulge in moderation of their passion for food and yet get to maintain their health-rein in the size of their tummy, reduce their metabolic risks. Elderly aged 50 and above - they may suffer from some metabolic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Health is their primary concern which is usually obtained at the cost of sacrificing their quality of life. With CelloFIT™, they can enjoy in moderation foods that they enjoyed before. Younger age group who are into maintenance of their body shape - their objectives are to maintain their beautiful bodies and looks. They are busy in their beginning career and don't have so much time for workouts. They want to keep their tummy in shape. CelloFIT™ can help. Overweight group - for this group of people, they may need some modification in their lifestyle in order to get maximum results with CelloFIT™, especially with their diet and exercise routine. It is advisable to exchange foods that are high in carbs and fats, to the ones that are more loaded with proteins and fibres instead. Other than that, they should incorporate exercises in order to keep active and further increase the effectiveness of CelloFIT™'s functions in burning excess visceral fats as well as improving metabolic health.
Always take CelloFIT™ before meals. Usual recommended dosage is two capsules a day, for people who are relatively healthy; with BMI and weight that are not classified as obese. Four capsules or more a day, for people looking at getting quick results or people who are obese. Note: For people who are on diabetic or on high blood pressure medications, you are advised to seek professional opinions from your physicians, on top of monitoring your blood sugar and pressure levels while taking CelloFIT™. This is because CelloFIT™ proprietary blend of functional ingredients might lead to the decrease in blood sugar and blood pressure, and lower LDL-C sub-fractions (bad cholesterols). Therefore, monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure closely. The dose of your medications for both conditions might need to be changed while taking CelloFIT™. Check your BMI here: (
The simple answer is that when it comes to muscle weight VS fat weight, muscle weighs more. Muscle, by nature, is denser and takes up less volume than fat. And so, a slim down version of you but decked in muscles, may weigh more at the scale. Our best advice is adhering to your CelloFIT™ program-consume your capsule before meals, stick with your meal plan, do regular workouts, and focus less on the scale and more on how you look and feel.
This depends largely on your own personal choice. Colostrum is a dairy product it is neither meat or vegetable. Many vegetarians include eggs and dairy as part of their diet and colostrum would be suitable for this diet. Although colostrum is not meat, it is an animal product, if you adopt the vegan diet which excludes all animal products then colostrum will not be suitable. The choice is ultimately yours.
CelloFIT™ primary change is on SHAPING (which is the shrinkage of WAT), eventually, you will see some weight reduction. Most of the positive effects of consuming CelloFIT™ are not observable until you begin to experience the changes in your body. Being aware of your body is very important to realize CelloFIT™'s results. CelloFIT™ not only targets the removal of visceral fats at the belly, organs, and arteries. Unseen, it helps your body to reestablish metabolic control in the following areas: reassert metabolic control of your hormones (endocrine functioning) and limit the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines.
LaFamina™ contains Colostrum, which is a food containing extremely low levels of lactose. So low in fact that most individuals with lactose issues should not experience difficulty with colostrum. Some have even reported that they no longer have lactose intolerance issues. As for people who suffers from milk protein allergy, taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.
SuperFIT™ is suitable to be consumed by vegans as well as people who may experience lactose intolerance. In fact, it contains ingredients that have been shown to help improve lactose digestion and the symptoms of lactose intolerance. However, if you suspect that you may have allergy reaction to any of the ingredient, or if you are currently taking any medication or experiencing a medical condition, it is advisable to consult your healthcare practitioner.
Having CelloFIT™ will certainly help your effort to slim down easier but it can be more effective if it is supported by making proper dietary changes, implementing a healthier lifestyle (for example having enough sleep daily, reducing stress, taking short breaks within work or study, drinking enough water) and increasing physical activity. (
SuperFIT™ is still suitable for your consumption as the galacto-oligosaccharides in SuperFIT™ is extracted from soy, whole soy bean contains a significant amount of GOS as well.
SuperFIT™ contains guarana seed extract, which may be mistaken as caffeine. While the active ingredient in the guarana plant (guaranine) is chemically identical to caffeine, it has one huge difference. In its natural form, it is bound to the fiber of the guarana seeds. Therefore, the effects that you get from guarana seed is much different than what you get from caffeine. It is more gentle, slow-acting and does not cause negative side effects that caffeine does. Studies has shown that guarana helps with weight loss. Guarana seed extract acts as a general tonic and intestinal cleanser and it can help to reduce symptoms of inflammatory intestinal disorders.

It varies from individuals, with differentiating factors such as genetics, diet, lifestyle or habits and frequency of physical activities. However, generally most people will see results from 14 days onwards. Real Life Testimony: An overweight 48 years old male, stricken with long-term type 2 diabetes has seen gradual results on the 14th day onwards, resulting in lost of 15kg over a period of 60 days. His waistline went down from 40 inches to 34 inches in the same period, with noticeable improvement of his blood sugar level.

Fluid buildup or water retention has the adverse effect of worsening the appearance of cellulite. Experts also have discovered that cellulite is a form of water retention caused by accumulated toxins. SuperFIT-F™ can solve your cellulite problems by flushing out your system and excess fluids, cleansing your body from accumulated toxins as well as reducing water retention. Therefore, preventing and reducing the appearance of cellulite.
We have ladies who experienced postpartum weight gain reporting different results. Most people, however, are satisfied with seeing results from 2 weeks onwards. Real Life Testimony: A 39 years old mother who experienced weight gain from 55kg to 68kg after the birth of her first child was on CelloFIT™ has seen a drop of 4 inches within her first week.
Doxycycline or any other form of antibiotics that are prescribed as acne treatment are known for their numerous side effects that may be health-hazardous (affect liver and kidney, etc.) and may not be a long term solution for acne and other skin problems. Therefore, we strongly recommend that customers try our natural acne solution first and only use antibiotics as a last resort. You may want to try taking PRAVENTAC™ for 3 to 6 months before resorting to strong harmful drugs like doxycycline. You may also pair PRAVENTAC™ with AG-FACTOR™ for an even faster and more potent result. We strongly advise against taking PRAVENTAC™ along with prescription drugs as not only might it affect the effectiveness of its active natural ingredients, it will also disallow you from determining which works best for your skin problem. As for the possible drug interaction, only a very small number of cases has been reported between doxycycline and Lactoferrin, and it is normally regarded as safe unless both are taken together on a long term basis. However, if you are determined to overlap the two courses of treatment, you may want to consult with your physician for a thorough evaluation prior to doing so.
Suitable for both female and male adults and children above 12 years old can consume CelloFIT™ safely. However, people who suffer from low-blood sugar and low-blood pressure should consume CelloFIT™ only under the supervision or recommendation of a qualified physician. We do not recommend CelloFIT™ for PREGNANT WOMEN and BREASTFEEDING MOM. Diabetic patients on medications taking CelloFIT™ must monitor their blood sugar levels daily and act on the professional advice of their physicians, to adjust the dosage of their medications when their blood sugar level trends downwards. People with elevated high-blood pressures should also monitor their blood pressure levels as CelloFIT™ may affect their blood pressure to trend lower. CelloFIT™ proprietary blend of functional ingredients might lead to the decrease in blood sugar and blood pressure, and lower LDL-C sub-fractions (bad cholesterols). Taking CelloFIT™ along with diabetes and blood-lowering medications might cause your blood sugar and blood pressure to go too low. Monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure closely. The dose of your medications for both conditions might need to be changed while taking CelloFIT™.
SuperFIT™ is safe for the consumption of those who are prone to heart palpitation or other symptoms related to hypersensitive to caffeine, as the amount of its ingredients are carefully measured so that it won’t trigger any of the said symptoms.
That slightly bitter tinge that you taste should be the active ingredients which are the key to the effectiveness of SuperFIT™. You might find the taste slightly unpleasant but rest assured that it is supposed to taste like that as each of the SuperFIT™ Boosters are formulated in a way that each component must be of exactly the right measurement to ensure their effectiveness. Also, we minimise the usage of artificial flavouring but added natural fruit extracts instead to enhance the taste as much as possible so that they are more palatable and easier to consume. Hope this clears your doubt.
Based on scientific studies, aerobic training (AT) is more effective than resistance training (RT) at improving visceral fat, liver-to-spleen ratio, total abdominal fat, and a greater reduction in liver fat score. ( Balancing time commitments against health benefits, it also appears that AT is the optimal mode of exercise for reducing fat and body mass, while a program including RT is needed for increasing lean mass in middle-aged, overweight or obese individual. (
The SuperFit-3™ series is generally safe and suitable to be consumed by all. However, in the case of customers who are diabetic, it may depend on the type and severity level of their individual condition, as SuperFIT™ contain ingredients such as Isomaltulose and Sucralose which may trigger certain unwanted reactions for people with more severe diabetic condition. Therefore, we strongly advise customers, who would like to try and experience the amazing benefits of the SuperFIT™ series but have qualms that it may not be perfectly suitable for them due to their diabetic condition, to consult their medical professional or dietician before start taking the product.
The SuperFIT™ plan does not stress on strict diet restrictions as most people would find those hard to adhere to and get discouraged or give up before ever reaching their weight loss goals. You can still enjoy your favourite food, you just need to eat it in moderation and practice portion control, or even find healthier substitutes. We also strongly advise that you practice at least a moderately active lifestyle, because the more you move the more fat you burn and the faster you will see results, as SuperFIT™ helps to kick-start and enhance your body’s natural metabolism. SuperFIT™ is designed to be hassle-free and highly flexible. So if you happen to be (or are interested in) keeping to a certain diet/meal plan, then you can easily incorporate SuperFIT™ into your chosen diet/meal plan. SuperFIT™ is designed to be highly adaptable to different lifestyles, and formulated to complement any additional diet/meal plan.
Visceral fat is composed of white adipocytes (white fat cells) which is also known as the “bad fats”. Scientific studies show that visceral fat increase over 200% in men and 400% in women between the 3rd and 7th decades. This happened due to the following reasons: a combination of weight gain, loss of muscle, and a shift from peripheral to central fat patterning contribute to the increase, with hormones the main contributor. ( ( These fat cells are bad for health because they are a causative factor for metabolic diseases such as: Diabetes
Heart disease
High blood pressure
Certain cancers—breast, colorectal, cancer
Alzheimer diseases
 Obesity alters adipose tissue metabolic and endocrine functioning, leading to increased adiposity and the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines. ( Obesity is a global epidemic that is associated with a greater risk of developing disorders like hypertension and diabetes. (
There’s no restriction in term of the maximum period of time that you can stay on the program as the program can help you to sustain a healthy body weight. It is however recommended that you stay on the program consistently for a period of not less than two months in order to obtain ideal results.
This might occur during the first few days due to the active ingredients that will enhance the body’s natural metabolism rate, but it will quickly resolve as the body will adapt to the newly enhanced metabolism. No, you will not experience diarrhoea after taking SuperFIT™ because SuperFIT™ does not contain any form of laxatives. Instead, it promotes healthy intestinal environment to encourage natural bowel movements.
Having a flat, lean belly is a crucial indicator of health, so your body tries to preserve the status quo by controlling your appetite and energy expenditure. Insulin and glucagon are hormones that work on the equilibrium of your body's energy requirements-signalling your body when to eat and when to stop eating when you are full. This chemical feedback system orchestrates the communication between the brain and other major organs to keep you at a healthy weight or making you more susceptible to weight gain and visceral fat storage. Insulin manages your blood sugar levels to maintain your appetite, weight, moods, and brain function. During digestion of food, the molecules from starch, protein, and fat are broken down into simpler units called glucose or fructose. These simple sugars enter your bloodstream to signal the release of insulin from the pancreas. Then insulin has the critical job of moving blood sugar into cells to supply energy to your brain, tissue, and muscular function. Once inside the cells, the sugars are stored as fats in the form called triglyceride. Eventually, when the cells run out of space, it protects itself by preventing the entry of insulin into its space. This switch-off triggers the event called insulin insensitivity. When this happens, sugars without a ‘home' are free-floating in our blood. This situation is called type 2 diabetes. When there's too much glucose in your bloodstream and your cells already have filled glycogen stores, glucose is stored as fat. This happens a lot more quickly and easily when consuming refined processed carbohydrates and sugary foods. Processed starches, like white bread or white rice, along with high-sugar foods, are rapidly converted into simple sugars that enter the bloodstream and trigger a larger release of insulin from the pancreas. The result is usually weight gain, plus even more hunger, which leads to continued overeating and a vicious cycle that makes it hard to stop eating sweets. (
We advise against taking more than the recommended dosage as each sachet has been uniquely formulated and carefully measured for the exact amount of ingredients that will bring you optimum results. Not following the recommended dosage may affect the effectiveness of the product.
What you are experiencing might be a result of the key ingredients that are specially formulated to increase the body’s natural metabolism rate. When an individual is experiencing an increased metabolism, they tend to regularly feel warm, sweat more and experience slightly elevated heart rate. Plus, an increased heart rate increases calorie need, causing your metabolism to speed up to convert more calories into energy, allowing your body to burn more fat as a result. We strongly advise that you drink more water to make sure your body has enough fluids to sustain the increased metabolism rate. These symptoms should usually go away after your body has adapted to the new increased metabolism rate. However, for your peace of mind, you may also consult your physician if the symptoms prolong.
One of the main benefits that can be observed is BODY SHAPING, by losing stubborn fats at your belly, thighs, arms, and face giving you a more lean look. But the most important benefit is - your psychological health may improve as you feel healthier inside and outside, by lowering your risks to heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases that are triggered by WAT. (
Yes, the effectiveness of SuperFIT™ is not affected by this. However, you may consult your doctor as to whether you need to make any additional changes in your lifestyle to better achieve your targeted weight. We also advise that you incorporate a healthy diet and light exercise to achieve even faster and better results.
By incorporating a moderately healthy diet and active lifestyle, those who have experienced the healthy and holistic weight loss benefits of SuperFIT™ easily lost 2 to 5 pounds per week, and is keeping the weight off by keeping track of their weight through maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle.
There are tons of health benefits. White adipose tissues cause health dysfunction when it behaves as a hormone-producing organ to spew out cytokines that trigger hormonal mayhem and activates the inflammatory cascade, which has been identified as the causes of metabolic diseases. Reduction of WAT improves the overall hormonal system of your body.
Customers who have used SuperFIT™ usually see results after 1 to 2 months of taking SuperFIT™. You may also want to incorporate it with a healthier diet and light exercises few times a week for faster and better results. How long it would take for a person to see results is highly dependent on their individual physiological aspects as well as their existing natural metabolism rate.
GOS in SuperFIT™ helps to enhance the body’s detoxification process by promoting healthy bowel movements, as it encourages good bacteria and inhibit bad bacteria in the digestive system, preventing constipation as well as diarrhoea.
The consumption of certain food ingredients that have undergone proprietary processes that are science-based can trigger fat burning via two processes--cold thermogenesis on brown adipose tissue and the AMPK Pathway. ( (
It is strongly recommended that you take the complete program. As each of the three boosters are uniquely formulated to help your body reduce and burn fat at different time of day, as well as enhancing different functions of your body to enable you to lose weight better and faster. Having said that, the three boosters work best when they are taken along with different meals of the day, resulting in a comprehensive and synergetic weight loss program unlike any other.
Yes, you may still enjoy your favourite beverages when you’re on the SuperFIT™ program. Just make sure that you cut down on sugar intake and opt for healthier beverages. We would suggest that you go for coffee with less or no sugar and skip the milk and creamer. A plain cup of brew coffee has only 2 calories, but when you dress up your coffee with sugar, milk, whipped cream etc. you are adding extra calories.
Scientists have found out the way to get rid of WAT is through the consumption of certain foods to prompt the conversion of WAT to BAT through a process called cold thermogenesis. CelloFIT™ is rich in ingredients that can fulfill this requirement.
While CERA5™ does improve the quality of your skin, makeup is entirely your choice to put on. Cera-5™ is perfectly safe to be used alongside conventional cosmetic products.
SuperFIT™ is designed to control appetite, boost metabolism and eliminate excess fluids from the body to promote better weight loss results. It does not contain any trace element that would lead to weight gain. However, different individuals might require varying periods of time to obtain desirable results due to the different composition and natural chemical reaction of the body. Some might see results in as fast as two weeks, while some might require a few months before achieving their desired weight loss goals. For optimal weight loss results, SuperFIT™ should be taken consistently as instructed on the packaging, and incorporated with a healthy lifestyle and eating habit. As a healthy and natural weight loss program, SuperFIT™ works best when combined with regular exercises. Its active ingredients allows the body to burn more fat faster without having to adhere to overly strenuous workout plans. But always make sure to choose the type of exercises that works best for your body. Research also shows that weight loss is minimal if exercising is not accompanied by dieting. Although SuperFIT™ enhances the body’s natural metabolism and allows us to be free from overly restrictive diets, hunger and deprivation, still we shouldn’t overload the digestive system with more than the necessary caloric intake as it would lead to unwanted weight gain. Also, always go for healthier options (more greens and low-carb) when eating and practice portion control to minimize caloric intake.
WAT, white adipose visceral fat is also known as bad fats. It stores your energy in large fat droplets that accumulate around the body and organs. The accumulation of fat helps keep you warm by literally providing insulation for your organ, however if in excess, it leads to obesity and too much white fat around the midsection is a medical condition that increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and even certain cancers. (

The main reasons why you should always choose Onecare Wellness/Orique as your beauty and health companion is that quality is always our priority. We are proud to say that an extensive amount of time, money and human resources are invested into the research & development of our products in order to provide only the most efficacious, safe and natural formulations possible for our customers. Our formulas incorporate only the top of the line premium imported ingredients in their optimum condition, and in generous quantities that ensures the highest efficacy. Our selection and usage of premium ingredients easily surpass even the most expensive luxury brands, as we strongly believe in providing customers with nothing but the best products and services. And it is safe to say that our commitment in doing so has been rewarded with grave reviews and decades of loyalty from customers who swear by our products. Feel free to browse through real testimonials from our customers on both our websites and Facebook pages.

SuperFIT-S™ Isomaltulose: promotes fat burning by increasing the use of body fat and fatty acid as energy source. Galacto-oligosaccharides: cultivate healthy bowel flora, improving insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels to control body weight by promoting fat loss. Satiereal™ Saffron Stigma Extract: induce satiety, encourages weight loss while eliminating frustration. Oat bran powder: rich in fiber that keeps you full longer, regulate blood sugar levels to prevent blood sugar drops that can cause food cravings, overeating or unhealthy food choices. Green tea extract: EGCG increases fat oxidation by 33%, increase metabolism, inhibit fat cell development, increase fat excretion SuperFIT-B™ ID-aIG™: composed of premium brown seaweed extract, blocks the activity of the two main digestive enzymes (lipase and amylase), reducing carb and fat assimilation (blocks carb and fat) Galacto-oligosaccharides: cultivate healthy bowel flora, improving insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels to control body weight by promoting fat loss. PromOat™: maintain healthy blood glucose level(regulate hormones, trigger your body to burn stored fat, & increase metabolism), induce satiety, reduce fat and calorie SuperFIT-S™ Lemon juice powder: a digestive aid & help the body eliminate toxins Galacto-oligosaccharides: cultivate healthy bowel flora, improving insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels to control body weight by promoting fat loss. Cacti-Nea™: antioxidant and diuretic properties, eliminate excess fluids Guarana seed extract: induce full feeling & reduce appetite, as a diuretic, increase heart rate and boost metabolism to burn more calories Sucralose: a no-calorie alternative to sugar PromOat™: maintain healthy blood glucose level(regulate hormones, trigger your body to burn stored fat, & increase metabolism), induce satiety, reduce fat and calorie
Eventually, when WAT accumulates, it starts to behave like an endocrine (hormone) producing organ. The bigger it becomes, the more mayhem it creates in your body. (
No, SuperFIT™ does not contain sucrose (table sugar). The sweetness comes from the ingredients Sucralose and Isomaltulose, which are not sugar but activate the same taste buds on your tongue, yet are calorie-free. Sucralose is not sugar and the body does not recognise it as such. Unlike sugar, sucralose is not broken down for energy. It is not a source of carbohydrate or glucose, and clinical studies show that it has no effect on blood glucose levels, insulin secretion or blood levels, glycosylated hemoglobin levels (HbA1c), or blood glucose control. While Isomaltulose is known to have a low glycemic index (GI = 32-37) and low insulinemic response, making it suitable even for diabetics compared to table sugar. In one 2012 study, replacement of sucrose with isomaltulose for 12 weeks in individuals with diabetes 2 resulted in lower blood triglyceride levels but not lower HbA1c level.
Rest assured that none of our products contain any ingredient that might lead to weight gain. This is because we use only third party tested and scientifically validated ingredients that would only benefit the human body.
The fat in your body is made up of different colors. Basically, scientists classified them into two colors-white and brown. ( White fat, or white adipose tissue (WAT), is the standard fat that most of us know. Brown fat, or brown adipose tissue (BAT), stores energy in a smaller space than white fat. It's packed with iron-rich mitochondria, which is how it gets its color. When brown fat burns, it creates heat. This process is called non-shivering thermogenesis. During this process, the brown fat also burns calories. Brown fat is highly regarded as a treatment for obesity and some metabolic syndromes. ( (
Yes, you can take the two together in the morning. All our products are made of natural ingredients and does not contain chemicals or drugs that may interact with each other. Plus, SuperFit-S™ works by inducing satiety or a sense of fullness, without interfering with your body's natural ability to absorb nutrients. Therefore, your body will still be able to absorb the full nutrient of CERA5™. However, it is advisable to consume CERA5™ with plain water and on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. Therefore, you should take CERA5™ first, before taking your morning booster before or during with breakfast.
The removal of visceral fat improves the aesthetics of your body shape at the stomach, thighs, arms, shoulders. Unseen, it promotes the reduction of white adipose tissues that enveloped the visceral organs and the inside of arteries.
This may vary from one person to another. Although our products are made from 100% safe and natural ingredients,we still advise all pregnant or breastfeeding customers to consult their doctors prior to taking supplements or beauty products of any kind.This is because during pregnancy or while breastfeeding,your body would have specific nutritional requirements,and most beauty oral supplements and products are not specifically formulated as pregnancy or breastfeeding supplements.
In a kinder environment that is contributed by studies done by scholars, obesity is no longer looked upon as sorely caused by overeating behavior and lifestyle. Other factors such as genetics, hormones, food addiction to engineered junk foods, Western Pattern Diet (WPD) that promotes Insulin resistance, medications, Leptin resistance and the insidious prevalence of sugar in foods also come into play. Certain people are simply predisposed to gaining weight. ( Genetics — Some people are predisposed to obesity as it has a strong genetic component. Having family history of obesity increases the odds, for example children of obese parents are much more likely to become obese than children of normal weight class parents, although it is not completely predetermined. What you eat can have a major effect as well, on which genes are expressed and which are not. Unhealthy diet consumption may change the environment and the signals sent to the genes, which can affect your susceptibility to gaining weight. Studies on identical twins demonstrate this very well. ( Food addiction to engineered junk foods — Many sugar-sweetened, high-fat junk foods stimulate the reward centers in your brain, which can cause addiction in susceptible individuals. You eat more as you lose control over your eating behavior, similar to people struggling with alcohol addiction losing control over their drinking behavior. ( Western Pattern Diet that promotes Insulin resistance — Elevated insulin levels caused energy to get stored in fat cells instead of being available for use. While insulin’s role in obesity is controversial, several studies suggest that high insulin levels have a causal role in the development of obesity. ( ( The Western pattern diet (WPD) is defined as “a modern dietary pattern that is generally characterized by high intakes of red meat, processed meat, pre-packaged foods, butter, fried foods, high-fat dairy products, eggs, refined grains, potatoes, corn (and high-fructose corn syrup) and high-sugar drinks”. Medications — Certain pharmaceutical drugs can cause weight gain as a side effect, such as antidiabetic medications, antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs, stimulant drugs for children suffering from hyperactivity. These drugs alter the function of your body and brain, reducing metabolic rate or increasing appetite. ( ( ( ( Leptin resistance — Leptin is a hormone that plays an important role in obesity.It is produced by fat cells. When working properly, it should tell your brain how high your fat stores are, resulting in reduced appetite which prevents an individual to overeat. However, its blood levels increase with higher fat mass, therefore leptin levels are especially high in people with obesity. This caused a reduced function of the hormone, called Leptin resistance, as it cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. ( Sugar — When consumed in excess, sugar changes the hormones and biochemistry of your body which in turn contributes to weight gain. Added sugar is half glucose, half fructose. People get glucose from a variety of foods, including starches, but the majority of fructose comes from added sugar. Excess fructose intake may cause insulin resistance and elevated insulin levels. It also doesn't promote satiety in the same way glucose does. ( ( (
It is highly unlikely that our products will adversely interact with pharmaceuticals. However,as even purely natural foods have the possibility of reacting with some prescription drugs,we advise that you consult your medical practitioner prior to taking any form of supplements. This is especially crucial if you are under medical supervision for any specific medical condition. At Onecare Wellness,we always prioritize the health and safety of our valued customers.
The removal of visceral fat improves the aesthetics of your body shape at the stomach, thighs, arms, shoulders. Unseen, it promotes the reduction of white adipose tissues that enveloped the visceral organs and the inside of arteries.
Thank you for your kind interest in SuperFIT™. Please know that the Trial Set contains only 10 days supply and is specially for those who would like to sample the taste of the three individual boosters. It is also designed as a convenient packaging for easy carrying when travelling. Therefore,you might not be able to obtain any significant results with the 10-day trial set as customers who have tried SuperFIT™ usually see results after 1 to 2 months of taking SuperFIT™ consistently. To experience the maximum weight loss results of SuperFIT™,you might want to consider opting for the 1-Month,2-Month Complete Set,or 3-Month Complete Set for maximum results. The packages mentioned also come with special discounts,you may find out more about it at .
Yes, CelloFIT™ is safe to be consumed by children 12 years old and above, who are overweight or obese and wants to burn the excess bad fats - White Adipose Tissue (WAT) (refer to Q11), which is known as the bad fats and is dangerous for metabolic health, regardless of age. CelloFIT is made from natural ingredients and plant-based extract that are scientifically researched and proven to be safe for consumption. The guideline for children above 12 years old is 2 capsules per day, taken with meals.
It is not recommended to consume CelloFIT™ for pregnant ladies and breastfeeding moms.
Children (including toddlers) can benefit from the supplementation of cysteine peptide. The ideal dosage is one-to-two capsules, taken in the morning and evening. (Preterm: one capsule a day, Children above seven years old may take two capsules a day). Scientific studies on hyperactive children show that dietary supplementation with an antioxidant like glutathione can reduce hyperactivity and ADHD and can prevent alterations in the immune system as a result of oxidative stress (
There is a significant difference between PRAVENTAC™ and other Lactoferrin products available in the market. Namely, PRAVENTAC™ uses only the finest and safest Lactoferrin available in the market, meaning you are able to reap the full benefit of the highest grade of this acne fighting ingredient. The usage of Lactoferrin in PRAVENTAC™ is also meticulously precise to ensure the most prominent result that it can offer, without causing treatment-induced breakouts. Plus, PRAVENTAC™ incorporates only the best of natural ingredients to work synergistically with its Lactoferrin content.
If you are planning to drink, you can choose to supplement with AG-FACTOR™ either before or after. Depending on the amount of alcohol you consumed, the recommended dosage is from two to four capsules. Glutathione plays an important role in the detoxification of alcohol in the liver and other tissues (
Let’s clear up the misconception that exogenous supplements of glutathione are cheaper and more effective than endogenously produced glutathione. Cysteine Peptide (endogenous synthesis of glutathione) versus Liquid Glutathione (exogenous intake). Endogenous means produced within an organism, tissue, or cell. Exogenous means originating from outside a cell, tissue, or organism. From the above, we can intuitively deduce that going by the endogenous route is the most efficient, more economical, and effective in terms of results. Glutathione degrades rapidly (due to its half-life nature) and by the time it completes its track through the digestive system, very little remains for absorption. Hence, to reach similar results, you may need to consume 20 capsules of liquid glutathione (500mg x 20) to obtain the same with 960mg of Cysteine peptide. Exogenous intake of glutathione encounters a significant barrier—the fragility of G hinders its crossing into cell membranes due to its rapid hydrolysis in circulating plasma. In comparison, the robustness of Cysteine Peptide survives the gut to penetrate into our bloodstream. In the bloodstream, it is degraded rapidly by an enzyme called gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase found on the extracellular surfaces of our cells. This process yields glutamate, cysteine, and glycine. As a result, the cell surface provides the cells with the ingredients to synthesize glutathione. In conclusion, AG-FACTOR™ is different from glutathione pills out there as AG-FACTOR™ teaches your body to be more intelligent to produce its own glutathione instead of forcing your body to absorb foreign-sources.
Yes, you may consume AG-FACTOR™ together with other supplements, treatments, vitamins, or medications. The reason is that AG-FACTOR™ is a natural food product that will not cause any harm or conflict to your body.
AG-FACTOR™ is an anti-aging beauty supplement that helps to slow-down and eases the aging process through these pathways: improve health and beauty.
CERA5™ is the ultimate ingestible skin moisturiser that allows you to moisturise every inch of your skin from the inside out. Unlike topical moisturisers that require a lot of time and effort to be applied yet promise very limited effects on only the surface of your skin,CERA5™ provides nourishments and hydration to your face and entire body in just a few seconds through two tiny capsules per day. It helps your skin to retain moisture by restoring the healthy moisture barrier function of the skin. It promotes multiple anti-aging benefits as it is rich in super antioxidant to defend your cells,and eliminate free radicals that could cause irreparable damage to both your skin and body,keeping your general health and bodily functions at peak performance levels. CERA5™ also protects and boosts your body's natural collagen,elastin,and hyaluronic acid,while promoting skin whitening by inhibiting melanin formation. As a result,you will obtain softer,fairer,healthier and younger looking skin that naturally glows from the inside,as well as stronger,shinier hair and nails.
When it comes to building a strong defense against sickness and aging — AG-FACTOR™ is your ultimate line-backer (defender) to enjoy good health and everlasting beauty. The star of our line-up works well as a base supplement and can be paired with our other supplements for maximum benefits. Find our star products here (
For adults, take two capsules daily before bedtime. You can double the dosage if you often face stress as Glutathione can reduce cortisol effects on cell damage. According to McAnulty et al., in 2007, it is stated that elevated cortisol levels might deplete cellular glutathione ( Cortisol is a stress hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands. Stress can be caused by sleep deprivation, physical and emotional stress, toxins, and excesses in our lives. When your body produces a lot of cortisol, it can lead to several events: 1. Cellular Inflammation (the root of many major diseases). 2. Weight gain. 3. Fluctuation in the production of estrogen and testosterone. 4. Adrenal fatigue.
Yes, it is safe to consume during menstruation.
AG-FACTOR™ can help with your entire body and organ system.
There are literature which may suggest that astaxanthin may lower serum calcium levels,but at a very microscopic amount that it is of no clinical importance at all,meaning that it can be safely consumed. Plus,there's no proven direct correlation between serum calcium concentration and calcium balance (body calcium content) as the two are largely independent variables. As a matter of fact,astaxanthin is highly beneficial to bone health,as it is a very powerful antioxidant that protects your bones. Astaxanthin is an especially potent anti-inflammatory,and it prevents chronic inflammation that can lead to osteoporosis. It is also known as the “Superman” of antioxidants,and it has the unique ability to neutralise free radicals and render them harmless again and again,without suffering damage to its own molecular structure. Most other antioxidants are eventually broken down by chemical processes in the body,but there is no such process that breaks down astaxanthin.
You will experience faster growth of nails and hair. And you will also discover that you have thicker hair and stronger nails.
AG-FACTOR™ is a natural food supplement made of 100% natural ingredients with NO side effects and will not burden the kidneys or liver, even when consumed on a long-term basis.
About sixty years ago, in order to create a substitute for calf-sourced rennet, scientists succeeded in isolating other types of proteases produced through fermentation. The vast majority of cheese made in the United States now uses microbial proteases instead of animal rennet, and the key ingredient of PRAVENTAC™ - Lactoferrin, is from the United States. These microbial proteases are produced through fermentation and are known as microbial proteases, using rennet from either fungal/bacterial sources or genetically modified micro-organism. They function very similarly to true rennet and eventually replaced animal rennet in most cheese production in the United States.
AG-FACTOR™ can trigger the body's production of Glutathione (liver's antioxidant) to detoxify the liver and break down toxic substances that weaken the lungs and inflict long-term damages to our cells and skin. Studies found that smokers and drinkers are more likely to have bad skin conditions.
AG-FACTOR™ is indeed halal-certified.
Yes, we do accept other payment methods like PayPal, bank transfer, or COD (depending on the country).
AG-FACTOR™‘s key ingredient, Cysteine Peptide, and other supporting ingredients are produced in GMP-certified facilities in the US, and approved by the FDA as a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).
Yes,there are clinical studies on Lactobacillus probiotic strains. New in vitro data indicated that five Lactobacillus probiotic strains have been shown to reduce vaginal pathogens,namely Lactobacillus rhamnosus IMC 501,L. paracasei IMC 502,Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. Paracasei 303,Lactobacillus plantarum 319,and Lactobacillus fermentum 404,the first two and their combination in the form of a proprietary blend were found to be the most effective in battling pathogenic Candida strains that can cause problems like vaginosis. A notable study would be a present one published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology (University of Camerino,Italy),where multiple strains were tested for their ability to produce hydrogen peroxide and co-aggregate with pathogens.
AG-FACTOR™ may only be purchased directly from our official website here (
It is a matter of your personal choice. Although AG-FACTOR™ works from the inside of our body, topical skincare products can are still required for hygiene purposes and to protect us from natural elements like harmful UV rays. UltraShield™, Zero-Imperfection Daily Defense (DD) Cream provides the ultimate anti-pollution protection and rectifies skin damage. It has the ability to penetrate deep into your underlying skin layers providing both physical and biochemical protection. Read more about UltraShield™ here (
Yes. This payment option is available but only limited to certain countries in Malaysia, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and The UAE.
AG-FACTOR™ can help to prevent and lighten freckles, pigmentation, melasma, dark spots, and age spots (time and dosage-dependent).
We have been informed by several customers who came across the same website content that you did. The truth is that this website, as well as a few other websites that contains the exact same content, was set up by one of our competitor who is trying to promote and sell their new and unknown brand of acne pills by taking advantage of the popularity and good reputation that PRAVENTAC™ has managed to earn and garnered throughout it's 10 years being in the market. The claims and accusations that are made by them are slanderous and baseless. Lactoferrin is indeed one of the key active ingredients of PRAVENTAC™, but the Lactoferrin that we use in PRAVENTAC™ is an exclusive patent-pending blend of bovine Lactoferrin that is recognised by the US FDA. Unlike other Lactoferrin formulations in the market, it retains all the acne fighting benefits of Lactoferrin without any traces of casein or any other components that would further aggravate your acne. Its meticulously precise usage of Lactoferrin together with a few other highly potent ingredients ensures that your skin receive maximum acne-fighting benefits without any of the potential downsides. Having been in the market for almost 10 years, PRAVENTAC™ constantly seeks to improve its formula based on real feedbacks from actual customers. The superior formulation of PRAVENTAC™ is many steps ahead of other Lactoferrin formulations in the market, as it provides not one, but at least five efficacious actions to effectively eliminate your acne problems from its root. It is clinically proven to be more effective in clearing away acne vulgaris with its antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory activities, with a much higher ability to decrease skin surface lipids and sebum content, thereby decreasing inflammation and sebum-clogged pores that may become the breeding ground for p.acnes. The bottom line is that PRAVENTAC™ is definitely your safest choice of Lactoferrin supplement and highly effective acne solution.
Although AG-FACTOR™ is made of 100% safe and natural ingredients, it is advisable to consult your personal physician before taking supplements of any kind. However, based on scientific studies, glutathione is good for before and after pregnancy. Your doctors can confirm that many pregnancy complications and birth defects have been linked to free radical damage, oxidative stress, and low glutathione levels in the mother and developing baby. Before pregnancy, glutathione plays a critical role in fertility, sperm count, and conception in the mother and father-to-be. Sources: &
Unlike cysteine obtained from the hairs of humans or animals, AG-FACTOR™ cysteine peptides are filtered from hydrolyzed whey protein that is derived from certified safe bovine sources.
As it is clearly stated on our packaging labels,each serving may contain only as low as 20 mg of maltodextrin,and an even lower amount of dextrin (as they are listed in descending order of predominance by weight). Generally speaking,blood sugar spikes are caused by foods with a high glycemic index(GI),but rest assured that even when put together,the quantity of the said ingredients in CERA5™ are literally way to low to cause sugar spike. In fact,dextrin which acts as fiber,is even beneficial for lowering the blood glucose level,amongst its many other health benefits.
No, AG-FACTOR™ does not contain Collagen nor does it contain Glutathione. Since it is derived from whey protein, it is also a rich source of amino acids; whey protein contains the full spectrum of 18 types of amino acids that contribute to your body’s synthesis of Collagen and Glutathione. The natural production of Glutathione and Collagen from within your body is more efficient, intelligent, and reduce losses due to malabsorption (a disorder that occurs when people are unable to absorb nutrients from their diets).
AG-FACTOR™ is generally safe for people with hypertension and diabetic conditions, you should consult your personal physician for professional advice. Nevertheless, there is multiple scientific research showing that people with diabetes and hypertension will experience improvements in health and quality living. Source:,,
It is advisable to take AG-FACTOR™ consistently for 3-6 months for the best results.
Although Glutathione supplements in various forms are widely available in the market,but they actually don't really have any significant benefits to you. The problem with Glutathione supplements is that they are readily digested by the secretions of the stomach. Glutathione is made up of just three amino acids linked by two chemical bonds. These bonds are exactly what the protein digesting secretions of the human digestive system are designed to break. Hence,there is absolutely no value whatsoever in taking preformed Glutathione supplements because they simply get broken down into their constituents; no glutathione remains to be absorbed into the cells. Ag-Factor on the other hand,is an intelligent supplement that utilizes Cysteine Peptides,a precursor of Glutathione,to boost the body's natural production of Glutathione by providing it with exactly what it needs to produce more Glutathione by itself.
AG-FACTOR™ is a lactose-free product. Hence, it is generally safe for those that are lactose-intolerant.
First and foremost,we would like to apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused you. There are a few completely valid reasons behind this,one of them would be due to the differences in taxes and import duties across countries. Then there's also cost of doing business in a certain country,such as the processing cost,the delivering cost,etc. that will not cost the same in every country. Therefore,we hope for your kind understanding and continual support,as we continue to do our very best to provide better products,prices,and services to every corner of the world.
Both males and females, including preterm babies, can safely supplement with AG-FACTOR™. Nevertheless, it is advisable to always consult a qualified medical practitioner for professional opinions. Studies have found that Glutathione improves the health of preterm babies. Source:,,
Yes, you may consume PRAVENTAC™ together with other supplements, treatments, vitamins, or medications. This is because PRAVENTAC™ is a natural food product that will not cause any harm or conflict to your body.
Yes, it is perfectly fine to consume PRAVENTAC™ during menstruation.
Yes, it is generally safe for those who have lactose intolerance as PRAVENTAC™ is lactose-free. Even though the Lactoferrin in PRAVENTAC™ is derived from milk, it does not contain lactose at all.
Yes, in fact, it was based on our customers’ testimonials that we discovered that PRAVENTAC™ works synergistically with AG FACTOR™. With the overwhelming feedback from our customers, we have created a range of products that cater to both health and beauty needs. Shop now (
Yes, it is the most-loved combination and is highly recommended. Most customers pair both PRAVENTAC™ with AG-FACTOR™ to achieve a clearer, and fairer acne-free complexion. Just take 2 capsules of PRAVENTAC™ and 2 capsules of AG-FACTOR™ together before bedtime. It is recommended to consume The Flawless Twins ( for 3-6 months consistently for the best results.
Yes absolutely. The ORIQUE Eucalyptus candle is made of 100% natural soy wax, beeswax, and pure essential oils that are phthalate and chemical-free.
Soy and beeswax are natural, vegan, and biodegradable compounds that provide a cleaner and longer burn compared to paraffin wax. They are also safer and more environmentally-friendly as they do not release chemicals into the air when burned, unlike most paraffin candles that are made of petroleum-based products. Both soy and beeswax also have distinctive benefits where soy wax burns with zero petro soot and beeswax has non-allergenic properties to help purify the air from various airborne bacterias.
To safely extinguish the burning candle, simply close off with the lid provided. Do not blow off the candle directly as this can create substantial soot on the container. After carefully extinguishing the candle, avoid touching the wax pool immediately.
Yes, ORIQUE candles are made 100% natural with no added chemicals. We only use natural soy wax, beeswax, and premium Eucalyptus essential oil that is safe and suitable for everyone in the family even for children.
As ORIQUE candles are made naturally without any chemicals added, they have a shelf life of typically 6-12 months. Keep the candle away from direct sunlight and store at room temperature to prolong its shelf life.
Yes, it is advisable to. Soy wax candles burn longer when the wick is trimmed appropriately to ¼ - ⅛ inch before each burning. Keeping your candle’s wick trimmed helps it burn more cleanly.
It is recommended to burn the candle for a maximum of 4 hours. After it is extinguished, allow to cool for 2 hours, trim it, and let it cool until the candle is hardened before relighting.
It is recommended to dispose of the candle once its remaining wax reaches about ¼ of the bottom of the jar for safety reasons.
Yes, they are reusable, you may scrape off the excess wax left in the jar and then soak it thoroughly with hot soapy water.
Infused with Eucalyptus essential oil, ORIQUE candles can help to relieve asthma and symptoms of allergies. However, it is still advisable to consult your doctor for professional advice for individuals with more severe allergy conditions.
The Eucalyptus candle is specially designed to maximize scent coverage and cover up any unwelcome odors in every corner, up to 25 squares when enclosed and 6 squares in an open space.
Eucalyptus has been proven to contain antibacterial and antiviral properties, proven to be able to effectively kill 22 types of harmful bacteria, like E. coli ( and Staphylococcus aureus ( Eucalyptus remains one of the best natural air-purifying scents to maintain hygiene.
It is recommended to store the candle in a cool and dry environment with room temperature or below, away from direct sunlight. Keep candles away from children and pets and avoid lighting it near anything that can catch fire for safety reasons.
The Eucalyptus candle is uniquely blended with the mix of pure soy and beeswax with 100% Eucalyptus oil with its multi-functions to kill airborne bacterial, alleviate flu symptoms, and stimulate mental energy. Its specialties also include doubling as a hydrating lotion to moisturize your skin and even help to alleviate conditions like dry skin, cracked heels, eczema, and stretch marks with consistent application.

Yes, it is completely safe and even suitable for all skin types, even for the most sensitive ones. As the candle cools off and turns into wax, you may gently dip your hand into the wax and apply directly to your skin with comfort. Since soy beeswax has a relatively low melting point, it would not burn your skin as the temperature will not be warmer than bathwater. Instead, it can be directly massaged into the skin, leaving it smooth, soft, and pleasantly scented.

Yes it does. The whey protein in AG-FACTOR™ contains cysteine that the body needs to produce glutathione, and glutathione is essential in cell regeneration.

The key difference between CERA5™ and AG-FACTOR™ is that each brings different benefits and caters to different skin needs. AG-FACTOR™ is more suitable for those who want to enhance their skin tone and radiance. While CERA5™ is perfect for those who are prone to dry skin that tends to be overly sensitive,develop uneven skin tone,excessive oiliness and display various signs of prematurely aging skin,whether due to their surroundings,genetic makeup,aging skin,etc. CERA5™ has highly effective anti-aging benefits as well,but it focuses more on providing and maintaining your skin's natural moisturization through the strengthening of cells. With healthier and stronger cells, you will be able to obtain skin that is naturally beautiful and radiant. CERA5™ also protects your skin against harmful elements that you face every day,preventing signs of premature aging such as wrinkles,fine lines,age spots and more.

One of our bestselling products- AG-FACTOR™ is known to help improve the skin’s overall complexion, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. AG-FACTOR™ helps the body to boost the production of natural collagen and glutathione, resulting in healthier skin layers and reduction of hyperpigmentation, while detoxing the body and improving blood circulation. When all this benefits are combined, one of the reported outcome would be the lightening and minimizing of the appearance of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

No, whey protein will not lead to heart problems. In fact, whey protein has been proven to improve heart health. Studies has shown that whey protein actually reduces risk factors associated with heart disease. This is due to its ability to lower LDL(Low Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol  and triglyceride levels in our body. There are also studies suggesting that whey protein may actually reduce the damage to blood vessels and heart, especially among people who suffer from hypertension as it may help to reduce blood pressure.

Rest assured that the Cysteine Peptide in AG-FACTOR™ is a substrate of whey protein and a tiny component of whey's complete profile of amino acids. It is a whey protein hydrolysate, meaning that it has been partially broken down as the bonds linking amino acids has been broken apart,allowing the body to absorb it rapidly. Its molecular structure has been modified,therefore it will not lead to any dairy side effects. 
Cysteine Peptide is created by bonding amino acid peptide with Cysteine to produce a stable substance that is more viable as a supplement. Cysteine is a semi-essential amino acid (meaning that it can be synthesised by the body but at the expense of essential amino acids, hence it's best to obtain it through supplementation) and is the most important amino acid needed for the production of the antioxidant glutathione, and research has indicated that glutathione tackles a massive range of acne causing reactive oxygen species. It hunts down lipid peroxides,free radicals, other peroxides and many more. Increasing glutathione is excellent for boosting your antioxidant supply, eliminating oxidative stress and clearing acne. But glutathione cannot be consumed, your body make it yourself,and that's where the Cysteine Peptide in AG-FACTOR™ comes in.

AG-FACTOR™ is suitable for those seeking anti-aging and skin-brightening effects while PRAVENTAC™ ( is suitable for skins troubled by acne, acne scars, blemishes, and black/whiteheads.
PRAVENTAC™ is 100% safe for consumption. Its key ingredients — the patent-pending Lactoferrin is approved by the US FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe).

Yes, MONIVITA™ is suitable for those with diabetic conditions as well. Because the key ingredients of MONIVITA™ are natural superfoods and superfruits with low to medium glycaemic index, so they do not lead to a sharp rise in your blood glucose levels compared to other carbohydrates containing beverages like energy drinks and sweetened coffee. Plus you only require a small shot of MONIVITA™ daily to reap its full benefits.

SuperFIT-S™(Morning Booster) taste like green tea, SuperFIT-B™(Noon Booster) has a mixed berries flavour, while SuperFIT-F™(Evening Booster) has a citrusy lemon flavour to it.

The organic yet powerful ingredients in hero+ contain low pH level, and anti-bacterial properties that have undergone rigorous testing following internationally-recognized standards such as USDA organic and eco-certified. These tests prove its effectiveness in killing a wide range of germs, even better than alcohol-based sanitizers, without causing any negative impacts to our health as all the ingredients are free of alcohol, heavy metal, Glycol ethers, pesticides, BHA, BHT, and formaldehyde.

Simply add a tiny packet of SuperFIT™ into water or any beverage of choice and drink it before or during each meal. SuperFIT™ comes in ultra-convenient sachets that can easily fit into your pocket or purse.

Absolutely no. Rest assured that hero+ is formulated mindfully with 100% organic ingredients with ZERO alcohol, free of parabens, triclosan, ethanol, methanol, and any other toxic ingredients.

Yes. However, each booster works best when they are taken before/with different meals of the day as they are uniquely formulated to cater to how your body functions at different times of the day.

All organic ingredients used in hero+ are carefully formulated in Biosecur Lab certified facility, clinically tested, eco-certified (, approved by FDA ( to be proven free of alcohol, chemicals, fragrances, and parabens. It is tested effective against germs and safe for the whole family, including kids and babies.

Yes. The suggested age group is 12 years old and above.

Most hand sanitizers in the market contain high alcohol content of low-quality that can bring more harm than good to the body and skin. Hand sanitizers with high alcohol content also can’t be used to clean surfaces like leather and jewelries as it will destroy the leather upholstery and cause discoloration or damage to the surface.

Containing ZERO alcohol, hero+ is a better solution as it is the safest and most gentle antibacterial spray that contains 100% pure organic germ-busting powers to keep every family protected ONE spray at a time. Not only that, but it’s also safe to be used to sterilize any surfaces including jewelries, leather, steering wheels, door knobs and other surfaces.

No. By maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise, you are very unlikely to regain the weight you’ve lost.

Yes, absolutely. Unlike any alcohol-based sanitizers that will dry out and damage the skin, hero+ is made of ZERO alcohol with 100% organic and skin-friendly ingredients while serving the purpose of killing germs.

CERA5™ premium ceramides are processed specifically for oral consumption and are derived from rice stead of wheat. Multiple clinical studies show that rice-derived Ceramides are much more effective and easily absorbed compared to wheat-derived Ceramides. Unlike skincare products, which can only penetrate the first few layers of your skin, CERA5™ restores your ceramide levels from within to build total protection for a stronger skin barrier.
There’s no restriction in term of the maximum period of time that you can stay on the program as the program can help you to sustain a healthy body weight. It is however recommended that you stay on the program consistently for a period of not less than two months in order to obtain ideal results.

We would always recommend using soap and water to wash hands whenever it’s possible. However, in any case where soap and water is not available, using hero+ is a convenient solution for effective yet gentle cleaning and killing of germs.

Worry not, as you may take it together with the Noon Booster (SuperFIT-B™) before or with your lunch.

Spray the desired amount on the palm, rub hands between fingers and let it dry, no rinsing is required.

Some people have reported skin improvement in moisturization from 3 days onwards. For most individuals, it is more common to experience discernible results from 2-4 weeks onwards. The complete turnover of skin cells typically takes about 30 days but as we age, it can take up to 30-60 days. So it is advisable to take CERA5™ consistently for 3-6 months for the best results.
Yes. However, we strongly advise that you take regular meals to avoid your body’s natural metabolism rate from decreasing as it detects plummeting caloric intake.

Spray the desired amount onto any surface including leather, jewelries, electronic screens, steering wheels, and doorknobs, and use a clean cloth (optional) to wipe or let it dry within seconds.

While CEREA5™ will drastically improve the quality of your skin, making makeup optional, it is still perfectly fine for you to apply conventional cosmetic products to enhance your physical appearance while CERA5™ is already beautifying you from within.
It is advisable that you consult your doctor or dietician before begin taking SuperFIT™ under such conditions.

Yes of course, you may use it as often as needed, especially after using the restroom or after touching objects that are exposed in public areas like doorknobs, lift buttons, and etc.

You can stop whenever you have achieved your targeted weight or see desired results. You may also choose to stay on the program to maintain the results and keep your weight in check.

Absolutely no as hero+ is made of 100% organic ingredients that comes with a natural light citrus-colored consistency that will not leave stains on fabric clothing, surfaces, or the skin.


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