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  • Onecare Wellness customer review by
    So far my pigmentation reduce with smooth even i used it first box. Now i continue for the second box ag factor and praventac. I love this product
  • Onecare Wellness customer review by اكرينيا اسوا
    اكرينيا اسوا
    On my second bottle now, my skin becomes more hydrates and my crows feet slowly becoming less. About to repeat orders
  • Onecare Wellness customer review by Siti Sakinah Shamsuddin
    Siti Sakinah Shamsuddin
    After a month taking AG factor, my skin more radiant, glowing n i feel younger than my current age.
  • Onecare Wellness customer review by Savannah Scents
    Savannah Scents
    Ive been using praventac and Agfactor for a month now and result is amazing..i will continue using these it!
  • Onecare Wellness customer review by Cheryl Tan
    Cheryl Tan
    Purchased AgFactor & Praventac on July 2018! My acne scars & pimples lessen & lighten than I expected. This product helps my skin tammed down the pops of pimples on my face! Highly recommended if your skin have lots of acne to cure. 👍🏿
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