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The Breakthrough Solution
For Acne-Prone Skin

Clear acne and repair acne-damaged skin cells with
PRAVENTAC™- a leading acne-fighting formula that combines
the power of nature and science. The new PRAVENTAC™ now
tackles acne completely from all aspects:

Don’t Wait Until Acne

Scars Your Skin Beyond Repair

Study has shown that 50% of those who are affected
by acne choose to do nothing about it in hope that
their acne would eventually disappear by itself. This
would lead to unwanted permanent scarring.

Major Root Causes of Acne
Hormonal activity such as puberty or menstrual cycle
Increased stress levels increases acne severity
Certain bacterium species such as P. Acnes
Some are more prone to acne due to their genes
Acne can be worsened by a highly glycemic diet

PRAVENTAC™ has been shown to be effective in reducing
acne marks and treating acne regardless of its root causes.
No matter how bad you think your skin is, anyone can get
beautiful clear skin if they truly want to.

Most Trusted Anti-Acne

Brand Since 2008

As the leading natural acne supplement in the
global market, PRAVENTAC™ has helped millions
beat acne and reclaim smooth healthy complexion.

PRAVENTAC™ has also garnered the highest
number of positive testimonials for any acne
treatment product.
Capture close-up photos before starting Praventac™.
Don’t be demotivated if you are yet to see results. It’s only the beginning of the 2nd week.
Most people see results in the third week.
Capture a photo of yourself to compare the differences.
You’re halfway there!
After week 5, Yasmin who participated in our case study said:
Only 2 weeks to go!
The final week! At the end of this week, take a photo and compare it with week 1.

Improved Formulation

Upgraded Ingredients

The new PRAVENTAC™ expands the benefits to include
enhancing the microbiota of the gastrointestinal system.
It is formulated with:

Our Promise To You

100% Scientifically Validated Formulation

The new PRAVENTAC™ targets and eliminate even more root
causes of acne to ensure that nobody is left behind in the
journey towards rediscovering clear healthy complexion.

Common Acne Treatments
& Their Side Effects


Acne Will Come Back Even
Worse As Acne Bacteria
Develop Resistance

Laser Treatment

Painful & Costly, May
Lead To Permanent Skin

Low Quality Lactoferrin

Wrong type & dosage
lead to treatment-induced

Tropical Cream

Do not offer long term
solution and effects are
very temporary


Perfect Combination

To Treat Hormonal Acne

Hormones, liver and acne are in fact interrelated. A
properly functioning liver can rid you of acne. Hormones,
such as androgens that are not neutralized by the liver, can
re-enter the bloodstream.

When the liver is overloaded, the body will expel toxins
through the lungs and skin, which are your secondary
channels of elimination. This is when acne occurs as your
skin starts to breakout.

AG-FACTOR™ counters hormonal acne by promoting
better liver health. It is a precursor to glutathione,
an important antioxidant that is produced by the
liver to breakdown toxic substances.

Learn More About Liver And Acnevisit

60 Vegetarian

For 30-Day

Blister Packaging For Maximum Freshness
Suggested Usage
Consume 2 Capsules Daily

We advise you to take at least
2 months.

Taking With AG-FACTOR™

2 capsules PRAVENTAC™ +
2 capsules AG-FACTOR™,
a total of 4 capsules before bedtime every night.

Recommended For

• Suitable for Men and Woman

• Age between 11 - 50

See It to Believe It!
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Customer Reviews from Facebook
Visit Our Facebook Page
All testimonials can be found at Praventac™'s official Facebook page, all comments are from our satisfied customers with their real profile.
  • Praventac™ customer review by Camia Camira
    Camia Camira
    Supply Praventac bulan pertamaku sudah hampir habis, dan hasilnya sejauh ini cukup membuat hati tenang karena jerawat-jerawat langgananku sudah mulai berhenti bermunculan! Selama aku mengkonsomsi Praventac, aku bahkan tidak menggunakan skin care (hanya menggunakan sun block).. Efek dari Praventac ini instant - ga instant sih, di minggu pertama jerawatku masih bermunculan dibeberapa spot.. asal rajin setiap hari minum hasilnya akan terlihat dibulan terakhir.. Aku akan melanjutkan Praventac dibulan ke-2 biar hasilnya lebih maksimal!
  • Praventac™ customer review by Nia Yang Kania
    Nia Yang Kania
    Saya punya jerawat batu yang lama hilangnya dan tidak kunjung mengecil, ditambah wajah saya berminyak dan warna kulit tidak rata / kusam. Suatu saat saya sedang mencari obat-obatan alternatif, saya datang di Praventac & Ag-Factor. Saya beli secara online pada hari Senin 02/12/19 dan barang sampai pada hari Jumat 06/12/19. Selama 2 minggu pertama, saya memperhatikan bahwa kondisi kulit saya itu berminyak dan ada beberapa jerawat batu yang susah hilang. Setelah 3 minggu, saya melihat jerawat batu mulai mengecil, Hanya tinggal bekasnya saja yang benar-benar sudah hitam dan susah hilang. Ini minggu ke 5 saya mengkonsumsi PRAVENTAC, sekarang wajah saya menjadi lebih lembab tidak ada lagi wajah kering setelah mencuci wajah, tidak kusam, jerawat besar hilang (kadang muncul jerawat yang kecil 1 atau 3). Sekarang hanya tersisa bekas jerawat yang agak sudah memudar, walau masih kelihatan tapi tidak seperti sebelumnya. 😁 _Icha_
  • Praventac™ customer review by Mohamad Imran Musannif
    Mohamad Imran Musannif
    I'm about to finish my 1 month supply of Praventac and I'm extremely happy with the results! I have bad acne on my back, chest, shoulders, neck and whiteheads around my nose and most of them have cleared up! I'm ordering my 2nd month supply and since I'm so impressed by the result I'm adding AG-Factor in my order! Thank you very much Praventac, you've made me a very happy man!
  • Praventac™ customer review by Malou Gonzales
    Malou Gonzales
    I bought this for my daughter who has been having a bad case of hormonal acne. Her face was usually very red and full of acne. After using Praventac for a month, we’re seeing visible results. The redness and pimples/acne are lesser. We hope that with continued use, her face will finally clear of acne. As the others have testified, it takes a few weeks to take effect but there’s definitely some good results.
  • Praventac™ customer review by Ning Boonprakob
    Ning Boonprakob
    I have to say i am so impressed with product. Started Praventac 2 weeks ago. I'm loving what i see... 😍 will order AG as well next order. Thank you for giving me hope to have clearer skin again.
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