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With an impressive success rate of over 95%, PRAVENTAC™ has helped millions beat acne and reclaim their clear healthier complexion from the inside out.

Key Benefits

Eliminates acne-causing bacteria

Shrinks and reduces blemish spots

Reduces oil secretion and inflammation

Unclogs blackheads and whiteheads

Heals acne scars and damaged skin cells

Maintains healthy gut for better defense

Size / Volume 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Consumption Period For 30-Day
Suitable Users Men and Women aged 11-50 years old
For Adults 2 capsules a day before bedtime.
Paired with AG-FACTOR™ Take 2 capsules of AG-FACTOR™ and 2 capsules of PRAVENTAC™ together before bedtime.
Storage Tips

Store in cool and dry places, avoid direct sunlight.

No refrigeration required.

Consume as soon as it's opened.

Lactoferrin|Lactoferrin contains anti-microbial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, which inhibits the growth of propionibacterium on skins that are responsible for acne, spots, and blemishes. It have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the size of blemishes, and to speed up recovery for a smoother complexion.

Pomegranate Extract|Pomegranate has excellent antioxidant properties. It has about three times more antioxidants gram for gram than red wine or green tea. It is an excellent agent for promoting blood flow to the heart. Studies have also shown that it helps to reduce plaque in the arteries, and raises levels of “good” cholesterol while lowering “bad” cholesterol.

Mangosteen Extract|Mangosteen contains a huge amount of antioxidants, which is a compound that has the ability to slow down the aging process of cells and enhance your energy. Antioxidants are often considered as “Cure-All”. It also improves bone structure, skin condition and heart function as well as purifies blood.

Grape Extract Powder|The beneficial components of grape seed are extracted from the seed. Studies have shown that grape seed has a high concentration of several important minerals, including flavonoids, vitamin E, and linoleic acid. Linoleic acid contributes to the reduction of the size of open follicles. Grape seed also helps wound to heal and blood vessels to regenerate faster, it oxidizes wounds in order to allow new skin to thrive.

Others|Vegetable Cellulose, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable source), Avena Sativa, silica

Serving Size: 2 capsules
Serving Per Container: 30 (60 capsules)
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
A Bioactive Protein Complex Rich in Bovine Lactoferrin (A Milk Protein) 920 mg+
Pomegranate extract (fruit) [Std. up to 30% Punicalagins (12 mg)] 40 mg+
Grape seed Non-GMO extract [Std. up to 85% Total Phenolics as Gallic Acid Equivalent (17mg)] 20 mg+
Mangosteen pericarp (Garcinia mangostana) proprietary extract (4:1) [Std. up to 40% Flavonoids, 15% Alpha-mangostin, 15% y-mangostin] 20 mg+
+Daily value not established Net Weight: 30 gm
HALAL Approved International Halal Council approved. View Certificate
SGS Lab Test Pass product safety testing against the safety marks. View Certificate
Others • Gluten-Free • Clinically Proven Ingredients • Lactose-Free • Sodium-Free • Non GMO • Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility.


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