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  • My initial reason for using VOFINA is to ease my yeast infection that always discomfort me every month. And it was the greatest decision I’ve ever made 🥺 within 3 days, all itchiness and discomfort is gone!! And best of all, after 9 days using it, I started to get period. (TMI : i have irregular period) ❤️✨ VOFINA not only taking care of my vaginal health but also encourage regular hormone 🥰 Thank you VOFINA ❤️ 28th January, 2021, 8:50 am | 0 Like(s) | 1 Comment(s)

  • Cynthia Carvalho

    Over the yrs i hv been struggling with BV and hormonal imbalance. Just within the first 2 weeks i experienced tremendous changes with Vofina. There is no more itch and odour. I will definitely continue to consume these and will recommend this. Give it a try! 12th July, 2020, 1:07 pm | 0 Like(s) | 1 Comment(s)

  • Glynis Tan

    I bought Vofina to try after hearing some of the testimonials from other customers without expecting much. To my pleasant surprise, I feel some changes in my flora condition. I’m very happy with the results as I have been searching for a solution for a long while 29th May, 2020, 11:33 am | 0 Like(s) | 1 Comment(s)

  • Marta Mocan

    I am very satisfied so far..🤗 15th February, 2020, 12:43 am | 0 Like(s) | 1 Comment(s)

  • Phoebe Ooi

    Tried a bottle of vofina. Has improvement on my white discharge and itchiness . Besides , my menstruation hasn’t delayed for weeks like last time too 6th October, 2019, 6:38 pm | 0 Like(s) | 1 Comment(s)

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Success Stories

Hi there! I would like to repeat order. Vofina works well on me!

This product perfect good! eat first time already no itchy anymore and white discharge getting better and better...after 2days taking already okay...those with feminine's problem must try this.

Second purchased. Very good products. Thanks

Second time ordered. The best solution for women cares. Highly recommended.

This is my 4th box purchase. The product is good!

I bought both vofina & Praventac as I have acne issue, surprisingly after staring vofina, my acne cleared off. Have yet to start Praventac. Probably my issue was my gut health, however, will continue to monitor. Thanks.

This product is the best. I used to take la femina for so long before I got pregnant as for years before I took la femina, i kept having yeast infection at least 4 times a year. No meds could help me. Thank God for la femina / vofina!

Great product, noticed some results around 3 day like it said and regulated my menstruation very recommended.

Fanyi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Friday, October 2nd, 2020

I used to have unusual discharge and sometimes a little bit of smell. The most frustrating part about being a female is that every single month, especially during THAT time of the month, I get very bad period cramps. This has been going on since the age of 17 up until now. One day, I was just casually browsing the web and stumbled upon VOFINA. Read up about it being good for the vagina health and instantly bought it. After taking it for 1 week, I already noticed that my discharge has lessen and also there was no smell anymore. On top of that, since taking VOFINA, I don't get period cramps anymore and I was so so relieved because I don't ever want to go through the pain ever again now that I have VOFINA. But wait, there's more and this is the best part! After finishing my 1st box and entering the following month of menstrual, I noticed I don't breakout as much anymore!! I used to get so many big pimples around my jaw and chin every month before my menstrual cycle starts but since taking VOFINA, it has helped my skin from breaking out. I later learn that, VOFINA helps to balance the hormones as well. Once my hormones are balanced, I don't get cramps and my skin feels and looks soooooo much better. Please give this a try guys, you won't regret it!!

So far, I'm very satisfied with the product! Love it so much! Excellent product that quickly delivers what it promises.

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