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Maintain Skin Moisturization From The Inside Out
Protect 100% Of Your Skin
CERA5™ is a powerful skin-hydration promoting beauty supplement that is formulated to provide and endogenous(body self-producing) NATURAL MOISTURIZER for the whole body and work as an INVISIBLE SHIELD for our skin, protecting it from the daily onslaught of free radicals.
Normal Skin
Skin Lacking
Dry skin tends to feel unnatural tight & stretched, flaky in spots and appear dull, especially on the hands, cheeks and around the eyes. Very dry skin will lack elasticity and accentuates fine lines and wrinkles, making you look much older. For some, it will even itch, burn and crack!
Your skin comprises of 40% ceramides. It is the structure within your cells that allows you to retain moisture. The stronger your cells are, the more moisture they can hold; making your skin feel and look smoother, softer and more supple.
Summary of Benefits
INCREASES Skin Hydration
MINIMIZES Fine Lines & Wrinkles
DECREASES Redness & Itchiness
REDUCES Dryness & Flaky Skin
PROMOTES Skin Smoothness
FIGHTS Visible Signs Of Aging
100% of your body
Hydrate your cells and allow entire skin layer to retain more moisture naturally from the inside out.
Lubricate internal organs,
keep aging at bay
Hydrate your skin from within, promote smooth and soft skin.
Improve skin barrier for
protection from environmental
toxins, UV exposure and stress
Enhance long term moisturization and protect the skin from external elements.
CERA5™ Is Formulated With The No.1 Ingredient To Younger-Looking Skin
A revolutionary approach to anti-aging supplement. Strengthens your cells and allows your skin to retain more moisture naturally.
Do you suffer from dry skin?
Dry skin can cause all sorts of discomfort, including
peeling, flaking, cracking, redness and itching.
& Itching
The obvious way to get rid of dry skin externally is to
moisturize regularly. That is, if you can remember to slather
on the moisturizer right after you get out of the tub.
CERA5™ is a quicker, more efficient way to moisturize 100% of your skin
CERA5™ works internally to hydrate your skin from the inside out. This allows you to hydrate every inch of your skin in an instance, keeping your face and body soft and supple. In addition to that, it helps to keep your general health and bodily functions at peak performance levels.
Equip your skin with an invisible armour
CERA5™ provides your skin with an extra layer of protection shield, reinforcing your skin barrier, defending it from the harsh surrounding environment. Your skin will become tougher against wear and tear, and able to withstand the daily onslaught of chemicals permeating home, workplace etc.
Clinically Proven To Improve Moisturization
& Appearance For Smooth, Healthy & Younger Skin
Before Taking Cera-5™
After 6 Weeks Of Taking
Result shown is from a female customer, aged 23 (skin below the left eye)
CERA5™’s Ceramides are highly effective in the prevention of and treatment of mild to severe skin dryness. It contains rice-derived ceramides that, through oral ingestion, are proven to be safe and a superior beautifying agent in multiple clinical studies.
• 50 volunteers
• Dry skin
• Double blind / Placebo controlled
• 350mg of Cera-5™ Ceramides / day
• 12 weeks
Results – Hydration Measurement
• Results indicated a global improvement of cutaneous hydration.
• 92% of women in CERA5™ Ceramides group displayed increased degree of hydration.
Cera 5™ Ceramides
Itching sensation
Skin roughness
Skin suppleness
Facial Skin Hydration
Skin complexion uniformity
Global efficacy
Legs Skin Hydration

Clinical evaluation: cutaneous dryness and redness were significantly improved in CERA5™ group.

Hydration measurement: CERA5™ significantly increases the hydration degree on face and limbs, almost 100% higher than that of placebo.

Self-assessment: All of the volunteers perceived CERA5™ as being much more effective throughout the entire clinical trial.

Why a Supplement for Skin?
What Makes CERA5™ Different?
The Best Total-Action Moisturizer(Internal & External, Head To Toe)
Works ONLY on a superficial level
Hydrate every inch of your skin from the inside out
Ceramides have been used in topical solutions for many years, but only on a superficial level
There are hundreds of cosmetics containing a varying degree of ceramides in the market, but all of them are for external application. Applying them on the outer surface of your skin is not enough as the skin is designed to keep things out. Therefore they are poorly absorbed by your skin, especially aging skin which are prone to poor absorption as its lipid balance is damaged from age. That’s why CERA5™ is uniquely designed to work from the inside, delivering both internal and external results.
Per KG
Per KG
Wheat Derived Ceramides
CERA5™’s Ceramides VS Wheat-Derived Ceramides
The ceramides contained in CERA5™ is an active compound derived from rice. Other plant-based ceramides are hard to be absorbed or retained in the blood. They are also highly unstable and tend to become rancid quickly.
Our supplier from Japan took the lead in resolving this impasse by investing in a new ceramides extracting technology. For years, the Japanese have been researching a way for the body to improve skin barriers by trapping and increasing the moisture content of the skin. The discovery of CERA5™ marks a successful milestone, as with this patented bioenhanced preparation produces highly superior ceramides extracted purely from rice(instead of Konnyaku potato or wheat), making it the most stable and effective form of ceramide of the skin.
CERA5™’s ceramides are superior to wheat-based ceramides
The moisturizing effects of CERA5™’s rice-based ceramides, when compared to other commercially available ceramides, demonstrated superior moisturizing effect that surpases the rest with a moisturizing ration of 35%.
How soon can I see the wonderful effects?
7 to 15 Days
Start seeing results in just one week, then continue to look younger with each week of usage.
3 Months
Optimal results are seen after about 3 months of usage. Overall skin health is visibly improved.
1 Year +
With long-term usage, you can defy your age and look at least 10 years younger with tell-tale signs of aging elimited.
How long does the effects of CERA5™ last?
The effects of CERA5™ typically last a month or more, depending on your lifestyle choices, such as: sun exposure, diet, and stress. This is because ceramides stored in the body are continually used over time.

83% of users agreed that the skin of their whole body looks revitalised after taking CERA5™. However, each individual is different and results will vary based on one’s lifestyle and diet. Generally, you should notice improvement in skin suppleness and radiance within the 1st-3rd weeks. By the 6th-8th week, you should notice that your skin has become firmer. The key to long-term results is long-term usage. So make CERA5™ a simple part of your daily routine!

2 weeks
Promotes Soft & Smooth skin
80% of the users noticed softer, smoother and more radiant skin within a short period of taking CERA5™.
Increases Skin Hydration
78% of the users noticed higher level of skin moisture retention all over their body and eradication of dry skin after only 2 weeks of usage.
Reduces Flaky & Cracked Skin
80% of the users noticed restoration of the natural skin barrier as their skin appear healthier than before.
3 weeks
Reduces Itch & Redness
80% of the users reported a noticeable reduction of itch and redness after 3 weeks of usage.
Promotes Pinkish Skin Complexion
90% of the users noticed improvement of skin tone, from pale yellowish tone to pinkish complexion.
Minimizes Fine Lines & Wrinkles
85% of the users noticed reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, visible improvement of the structural integrity of the skin.
The Scientific Revolution Inside CERA5™
CERA5™ contains groundbreaking ingredients that are derived from 100% natural sources through cutting edge extraction technology. These ingredients are validated by clinical studies to confer skin protection and age-defying properties.
Nourishes skin from within
Strengthens skin barrier against pollutants
Smooths away wrinkles
Helps the body generate younger, whiter skin
Locks moisture in the skin
Learn More
Most powerful natural antioxidant in the world
Significant UV protection
Wide spectrum of anti-inflammatory effect
Increases workout endurance & performance
Promotes healthy heart & blood circulation
Learn More
R-Lipoic Acid
Pure-form lipoic acid (no synthetic S-Lipoic Acid)
The only fat- and water-soluble antioxidants
Synergistically recycles various antioxidants
Helps the body generate younger, fairer skin
Improves detoxification and exfoliation process
Learn More
Lychee Seed Extract
Subtle smoothens wrinkles
Stimulates collagen production and inhibits collagen degradation for fuller, younger skin
Inhibits tyrosinase for whiter skin
Learn More
CERA-5™ Ceramides –
Nature’s Most Potent Hydration Provider
“The FIRST Oral Moisturizer in the World”
Dry Skin
Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids found naturally in the upper most layer of the skin.
Ceramides pass through cell membrane and cannot be stored in the body. The only way to get them into our diet is through supplementation.
Level of ceramides
declines with age
Level of ceramides declines with age, while factors such as stress, poor nutrition, and environmental contamination may accelerate the process.
Ceramides maintain skin hydration at cellular level, boosting the renewal process from inside and out, keeping skin healthy and young. CERA5™ allows your skin to continue to do this at optimum level even as you age.
Cera-5 improves the cells you see as well as those you don’t see within your body.
Cracked and damaged skin is moisturized. Wrinkles and sun-damaged areas fill out and look fresh. Within, cells throughout your body rebuild, rejuvenating you from the inside out.
Bacteria / Viruses
Normal Skin
Lychee Seed Extract
R-Lipoic Acid
Gorgeous, youthful skin also requires vitamins, the building blocks of health.
The Onecare Wellness formula Combines Ceramide with the most powerful antioxidants AstaREAL Astaxanthin, R-Lipoic Acid and Lychee Seed Extract which are essential for healthy, youthful and beautiful skin.
How It Works
Battle Of The Benefits
CERA5™ VS Ag-Factor™
Although CERA5™ and Ag-Factor™ have similar benefits, each targets your skin with a completely different approach. CERA5™ mainly boost and lock moisture within the skin. While Ag-Factor™ works from the liver to purify your blood, enabling your body to produce glutathione while balancing your hormones.
Hydrates your skin from the inside out, fill in wrinkles, smooth and soften your skin, strengthen your cells for obvious and longer lasting results.
Works naturally to enable your body to work more intelligently to produce its own glutathione and collagen. Brightens your skin to a radiant glow, leaving it smoother and firmer.
Skin Whitening *
Skin Hydration *
Smooths Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Pigmentation & Dark Spot
Pinkish Complexion
Soft & Supple Skin
Firms Skin
Balances Skintone
Improves Immune System
UV Protection
Radiant Complexion
Energy Booster (Cellular Energy/Body Energy)
Skin Barrier Protection
Moisture Locker
Healthier Hair & Nails
Stimulate Collagen
Liver Health
Improved Quality of Sleep
Balances Hormones
Reduce Smooking Toxin from Liver
Speedup breakdown of Alchohol processing in the body
Reduce Hangover (Alchohol) Effects
Get the Best for your Skin
Your Skin & Body Deserves Only The Best Get The Best & Fastest Results With The Multi-action Synergetic Duo
Cleanse Blood
CERA5™ -- Rebuild & Strengthen Your Skin Barrier
CERA5™ repairs your skin by supplying your body with the much-needed building blocks to rebuild your skin’s natural defenses; helping you to prevent age-related skin problems such as atopic dermatitis and weakened skin that is prone to infections.
Your skin is your first and most important line of defense against microbial infection as it covers and protect your sensitive internal organs from harmful toxins and bacteria.

The Building Blocks For Stronger Skin Barrier To

Lock Moisture In and Harmful Elements Out

CERA5™ More Than Just Moisturize
Studies discovered that old, damaged or diseased skin has far fewer ceramides present in them. Scientists have also found that supplementation is proven to be an effective method of fighting common skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis..
* Ceramide level found in different types of skin
Natural Ceramides
Healthy Skin Barrier
Damaged Skin Barrier
Healthy Skin
Dry Skin
Damaged Skin
Atopic Dermatistis Skin / Ezema

● New clinical research studies have shown that people who have eczema have significantly fewer ceramides under such skin condition.

● People with psoriasis (another itchy, flaky, rashed skin condition occasionally confused with eczema) have fewer number of ceramides as compared to people with normal skin.

See It to Believe It!
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Customer Reviews from Facebook
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All testimonials can be found at Cera-5™'s official Facebook page, all comments are from our satisfied customers with their real profile.
  • Cera-5™ customer review by Aziah Aziz
    Aziah Aziz
    I have been consuming for AG Factor and CERA5 for 1 month and I can see the results clearly. My acne really reduced. Sure I will repeat my order. By the way I’m plan to try Praventac. Since this product shows a good result. I’m really confident with it and recommend it.
  • Cera-5™ customer review by Bhuana Manjarri
    Bhuana Manjarri
    I have been using AG Factor and Cera for a month and being seeing tremendous changes to my skin. My pigmentation has been lighter and skin feels hydrates. Feeling good and happy :)
  • Cera-5™ customer review by Phoebe Ooi
    Phoebe Ooi
    Tried a bottle of vofina. Has improvement on my white discharge and itchiness . Besides , my menstruation hasn’t delayed for weeks like last time too
  • Cera-5™ customer review by Natalie Ang
    Natalie Ang
    Been loving and taking continuously of Cera5+Ag-factor, i noticed my skin smooth and less breakout during menstruation. Surprisingly my baby hair growth a lot and Cera5 did improve my eczema and dry skin. Thanks a lot Cera5 and Ag-Factor! Really SuperB product. <3
  • Cera-5™ customer review by Grace Kim
    Grace Kim
    Wow...The product speak for itself..👍👍 Is been a month since I using Cera 5 and I'm more than happier that my skin look much healthier now..
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